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    Well, this is going to be my very first roadtrip and I'm planning on stopping by Sedona, Grand Canyon, pass through New Mexico, to Austin, then to New Orleans... I'm a student so I don't have much money and was wondering if anyone knows of safe pit stops to pitch a tent to spend the night along the way... I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions on places to stay and routes to take. Thanks!

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    Default Have a look around for ideas.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You will find a lot of info digging around the forums for routes and attractions as well as 'upstairs' in the green tool bar. [check out the Map centre]. You don't say how much time you have for the trip or anything of your interests, so when you have figured out a bit more, give us some more detail and we can help to 'fine tune' what you come up with.

    With regards to camping, you can't just pitch a tent in a quiet spot, it could be tresspass on private land or agianst state law. You can find cheap [sometimes free] camping on Forestry lands and State parks etc.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    Default Don't have much money?

    If you google with key words such as 'free campsites', you will find lots of lists. Most of these are for RVs, but some include tent camping as well. However, as a young person travelling alone (I assume), I recommend that you be very careful in where you choose to pitch your tent. Security is very important. State Parks and Forests where you have to pay, is usually a lot safer than boondocking it on your own. And if you can't find one of them, go to a commercial camp ground. The security and peace of mind is worth every cent.

    There are other ways of saving money on a road trip. Such as keeping your speed well down, avoid fast take offs and slow down well ahead of a red light. Avoid hard braking. It has been shown that the most fuel efficient speed is between 60 and 65mph. And when you are going to be held up for more than 15 secs, turn off your engine. It takes less fuel to restart the engine, than to stand idling for 15 secs or more.


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    Sorry about the vagueness of my post. To be more specific I'm planning to be on the road for a week to 10 days. I don't really know if that's enough time to cover all the places I want to stop by but if circumstances allowed me to I could probably push it to 2 weeks. I will definitely be pitching my tent at a campsite now that I know Dave. Lifey, thanks for the insight, I guess since this is a new and exciting thing for me I totally overlooked the saftey aspect of roadtrips!

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