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    I am having heart surgery Aug.12 and decided to embark on a spontaneous road trip with my husband and 3 yr. old son for some quality time before my surgery. We are leaving Sunday July 31 from the Chesapeake, VA area and have to return the following Sunday. I have spent the last 8 hrs. or so browsing the internet for information. I have a few questions about routes and such.

    So far, I would like to make our first stop somewhere near Essex, CT. I would like to take my son on the Essex steam train Aug. 1. Mapquest suggests that we take the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel up the Eastern Shore. Is this the best route? Will we face terrible traffic on I-95 in the New York area?

    I thought after we ride the train on Monday we could head toward Boston, MA. While in Boston, I would like to do the Freedom Trail and possibly take my son on a swan boat. I would like to stay outside of the city so we can save some money on our hotel expense. Any suggestions on where to stay? Will parking be an issue?

    After Boston, I am not quite sure where we should go or what we should do. We would like to go whale watching at some point. I would also like to visit Maine. My husband wants fresh seafood. Possibly, in Maine we could go off the beaten path. We are an active family who very much enjoys the outdoors, hiking, and fresh air. Any tips, suggestions, or direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I love this forum! I have used it every summer for ideas and help in planning our trips (none of which have been this last minute!). Thanks!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Crossing the mouth of the Chesapeake and heading up the Delmarva Peninsula certainly has advantages over just taking I-64/I-95 to New York. Not only does it avoid Richmond, Washington and Baltimore but it opens up the possibility of visiting Chincoteague, Wallops, and Assateague Islands, as well as an ocean going ferry over to New Jersey. The problem is that going this way and taking advantage of its many attractions really won't let you get to Essex in a day. There's just too much to enjoy and getting through (or around) New York City and up the Connecticut coast will be time consuming.

    What I would recommend is that you get an early start on Sunday, the 31st (assuming that you can't get going on Saturday) and plan on enjoying a fairly leisurely drive north, going through New York City in the early evening. Use the George Washington Bridge, the Major Degan Expressway (I-87), the Cross County Parkway (NOT the Cross Bronx), the Hutchinson River Parkway, and I-287 to get to I-95 in Port Chester. Then spend the night around Norwalk, Bridgeport, or wherever you start to tire. That will put you in good shape for the short drive to Essex the next morning.

    Another great site you and your son should enjoy on the way up to Boston is Mystic, CT. And after Boston, you don't have to go too far into Maine to find great seafood. You, your husband and your son might enjoy the Portsmouth, NH to York, ME area with the USS Albacore, Warren's Lobster House, Strawbery Banke, the Nubble, the Marginal Way, and various other attractions.


  3. Default Does this itinerary sound reasonable

    Unfortunately, my husband has to work Saturday so we will be leaving early Sunday Morning.

    Sunday July 31: Wake @ 4 am, Drive to Essex, CT or somewhere near when we tire

    Monday August 1: Ride the steam train from 11 am - 1 pm (earliest departure), Drive approx. 30 min. to Mystic, CT, (would like to visit Mystic but not sure if we have enough time after the train), Then head to Woburn. MA

    Tuesday August 2: BOSTON (freedom trail)

    Wednesday August 3: 4 hr. Whale watching cruise @ 9 am out of Boston Harbor, head to Kittery, ME for a Lobster Dinner

    Thursday August 4: Head to Gifford Woods State Park in Vermont (Approx. 3 hr. drive from Kittery, ME)

    Friday August 5: Hike & camp

    Saturday August 6: Begin to head home

    Sunday August 7: Arrive home

  4. Default Boston

    My only recommendation for Boston is that you try to take public transportation rather than drive into the city. Parking is very expensive. If you are staying in Woburn, I believe you could take the commuter rail into town. If the hotel doesn't have information about the schedule or exact location of the closest station, you can look at

  5. Default Thanks!

    We changed our plans and are going to stay in Peabody, MA. The hotel staff said that it is about a 7 min. cab ride to the train station. We will be taking public transportation. Public transportation is kind of intimidating for this country girl but not as intimidating as driving and parking in the city. Thank you both for the tips and advice. I love this forum!

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