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  1. Default San Francisco to Vegas

    We are planning to drive from Sonoma to Vegas in mid August.
    We have 3-4 days to do so. We are not hikers or campers.
    Had planned to go to Tahoe on the way but not sure if there would be
    more to see if we skipped Tahoe and headed down through the mountains.
    Any advice or tips would be appreciated.
    Neil from Toronto

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    Hi nbright,

    Had planned to go to Tahoe on the way but not sure if there would be
    more to see if we skipped Tahoe and headed down through the mountains.
    I'm not really sure what you mean by driving down though the mountains. The mountain passes run west over the mountains from Sonoma. Hwy 395 which runs north and south is not mountain driving for the most part, but you do see them to the west.

    With 3 - 4 days, you could easily do Lake Tahoe and then drive down Hwy 395. I'd pick either Lake Tahoe or Yosemite National Park. Hwy 395 is a nice drive with small little towns along the way.

    Driving though Death Valley is an option but it's going to be REALLY, REALLY hot there!


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    Default Yosemite for me.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I would definitely put Yosemite on my list, you don't have to be hikers or campers to enjoy this scenic wonder. From Yosemite you could cross the Sierra Nevada [Utah T got her 'left and right' mixed up] heading East on CA120 and South down 395 and across Death valley, or you could stay to the west and drive through Sequoia NP and around the southern end of the mountains via Lake Isabella. From Lake Isabella you could drive to Las Vegas via Death valley the same day and enjoy the incredible desert landscape from your car, with a couple of short walks from view points. If you took Tioga pass [CA120] as described above you could spend a night in Mammoth, Bishop or Lone Pine among others and continue across DV where there are limited lodging options if you wanted to spend a night here, or once again, drive through same day. As said it will be very hot but not a problem from the comfort of your air conditioned car, just make sure you carry water and for the shortest walks have sun protection.

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    [Utah T got her 'left and right' mixed up]
    Yes as usual I got them backwards! It amazes me that I am the navigator in the family! I meant to say the passes run east - west compared to Hwy 395 that runs north - south!


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    Thanks Southwest Dave and Utahtea. Very helpful info. I see we are very limited as to where we can cross the mountains. Looks like we will try to do Tahoe (first night) and come back down and take the 120 to 395 to Mammoth Lakes or Bishop for a second night then on to Vegas (3 nights) for the last leg of our trip. We started in San Francisco (3 nights) then on to Sonoma (3 nights).
    We are really looking forward to our road trip.
    Thanks again.

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    Default Yosemite?

    If you are planning to drive from Lake Tahoe to Mammoth Lake or Bishop via 120 and 395, you will not have any time to see one of the greatest natural wonders in the world.... Yosemite National Park. In fact, you will be rushing. Like you, I am not a hiker, but this NP does not require you to hike to be able to enjoy and admire it. Drive up to Glacier Point, and a short walk from your car gives you an overview of Yosemite Valley, where you could stand a long time, and not see it all. Amazing! The rest of Yosemite, likewise, is able to be admired either from the car or by very short walks. You will not want to pass through this wonderland without constantly stopping. I suggest you try and see if you cannot take some time from your city visits, lest you regret not being able to spend more time in this NP. Not to mention the spectacular drive over Tioga Pass. You won't want to hurry through there.

    I take it you will be driving through Death Valley on your way to Las Vegas. It is an amazing landscape. You will not see anything like it any place else.


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