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  1. Default RV roadtrip Sept with kids? Any ideas


    We are a family from Scotland hoping to go on a roadtrip Sept 2012 and looking for any hints, tips, ideas or suggestions!

    There will be four Adults and 2 kids aged 3 and 6.

    Because we have kids the routes we are looking to do would end at Orlando so they could go to Disney for a few days before we travel home!
    We have been thinking either starting in Texas (or thereabouts) and going through to Orlando or starting at Boston (or thereabouts) and travelling down to Orlando. We are looking to go for approx 3 weeks, would this be enough time as we don't want to be driving for hours every day!
    Any idea's which route would be best in regards to flights/roads (remembering the rv) / attractions worth visiting and rv parks?

    when regards to our budget we have looked a flights/rv parks/hire or rv and fuel however not sure how much we should budget for each day. We were thinking between $8000 and $10000 should cover the trip.
    I am aware this is very early days planning however just want to get as much advice/information before we start booking.

    Thanks for any reponses in advance

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    Default A bit to vague at the moment.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    At this early stage in your planning , the best advice I can offer is to continue researching with the aid of a good map and looking around the RTA site. As well as the forums there are a lot of road trip planning resources in the tool bars above, but at the moment it's a little vague to be able to start giving meaningful advice about routes and attractions. We don't know anything of your interests other than finishing your trip in Orlando, what brought Texas to mind for instance ? With 3 weeks you could just about fly into anywhere in the US and have time to finish in Orlando, it's how you want to spend that time and where. Do you actually want to finish in Orlando ? You mention doing it for the kid's but at 3 and 6 years old, I'm not sure it would matter that much to them as long as you found kid friendly things for them to do along the way.

    I have done a couple of RV trips covering a lot of ground between Colorado and California and have loved every moment of the diversity of the amazing scenery, wide open spaces, numerous National parks, small towns and City.

    Once you have done a little more research then we could certainly offer some suggestions and help to 'fine tune' your trip, but with millions of miles of road and thousands of attractions you will need to get some dots on the map.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    We have went away and done a bit more research and finally came to a decision regarding the route (still planning to go for 3 weeks)

    We are hoping to fly in to Boston and take a few days looking around there. We may take a trip in to New York. We then would like to travel down to Washington DC to see the Smithsonian museums etc. Through Virginia down to Tennessee then down to New Orleans. The last part of our trip would be through Georgia and down to Orlando. We are hoping to finish in Orlando as we will have family holidaying there and would be good if we could spend time and head home together.

    After looking at the maps on this, there seems to be quite a good few attractions we can do on this route. But any suggestions are welcomed.

    The things we are not sure of is if we should hire an RV and park it up or just hire a car and book in to B&B's. I'm not sure if staying in an B&Bs will cost alot more and I am finding that quite hard to research as the areas we can make stops in are so vast! The reason we have started thinking this is that we had concerned about fitting the kids car seats into the seats and also driving the large RVs around town/cities and having to park them up.

    Any experiences, suggestions would be helpful

    Thank you again!

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    Default Lifestyle choice.

    This is one of the rare occasions that an RV may work out cheaper than staying in lodgings, but not by a lot. B&B's are a little different to what we are use to in the UK and are usually private 'Mom and Pop' hotels that can cost more than a Motel. To get an indication of Motel costs do some research in the RTA reservations section above.

    With an RV there will be a lot of additional costs to consider, mileage charges, bedding and kitchen kits and a thirst that will return about 9mpg fo a large class C home. The other thing to consider is that you can't just "park it up" and will need to use campgrounds that can vary from under $20 per night and up to and over $50 per night.

    They can be a great "Lifestyle" choice, but that and your trip plan is the best way to make a judgement call. The savings [if any] won't be great and if you plan on spending a lot of time in the City, they are big and cumbersome to get around in. Out in the open spaces they can be great.

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    Thank you

    Yes thats what I was thinking. I don't want our holiday to become really stressful with the worry about driving a large rv around small spaces :/

    The first thing I done when starting to plan the trip was look at campsites where we would stay and I was surprise that a lot charge for the rv and (for example) 2 adults however if you have more than that they are also charged pppn! So some can work out quite costly.
    I think the good thing about having an RV is that it comes to all the your destinations and you know what your getting. Our problem is that we do want to visit Boston, Memphis Washington DC New Orleans etc and I can imagine the roads will be pretty busy lol! PLUS don't know anyone who has driven an RV around America so we don't know
    I think I may be putting off the task of looking at the many options of different Motels, reading reviews and getting prices but I think I may have to start!!


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    Our problem is that we do want to visit Boston, Memphis Washington DC New Orleans etc and I can imagine the roads will be pretty busy lol!
    I just can't imagine trying to drive in Boston and Washington DC with an RV let alone find a place to park. We tried it in our 24 ft motorhome in New Orleans and couldn't stop anywhere that we felt safe to leave the RV. Parking in the cities is expensive and an RV will be even more so!

    If you decide to go the RV route, looking for camping in and around these cities, check out if they have public transportation or shuttles. Taxis would be expensive. Renting a car might be an option that I know a lot of people with RV's do when they don't tow a vehicle.


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    Default The train option.

    May I suggest you take the train from Boston to NYC to DC. These are not cities where you want a car, let alone an RV. They all have excellent public transport, especially to all the tourist attractions. Driving around them can be quite stressful for the uninitiated. And parking which is often difficult to find, can be horrendously expensive.

    If you still want to go with an RV, pick one up in DC and take it down to Orlanda.


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    3 weeks would be just perfect. I suggest that you go ahead with RV. It would take a day to travel Boston and a day to travel Orlando. But you have to be careful taking the risk of RV. Often its not easy getting parking in Boston and Orlando.

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    Thanks again for the replies.

    We have been looking about a lot these last few days, trying to decide what would be best.
    The unfortunate thing is that there are quite big pro's and con's for both!

    The car idea appeals to me however when looking at motels, its working out a bit more expensive as we are having to book 2 rooms. So can't find much that would fit into our budget that we had for renting the RV.

    We have had some great advice and found some good RV sites that are very close to cities (New York, DC) that offer transport or close transport links into the city.
    I'm finding that there doesn't seem to be as much RV sites in or near Boston than other places. So if anyone knows of any that would be great.

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    Default Never seen an RV in Boston.

    I would have to say that it is very rare to see an RV in or very near Boston. I spend quite a lot of my holidays there each trip, but can't say I have ever seen a full size RV in the suburbs. Maybe if you look in Farmington, or beyond, or south of Quincy. But I doubt you will get anything in Boston. (There is a lovely place in Carver MA.)

    Here's just a thought.... for affordable accommodation in the larger cities, NY and DC, if you go the car or train way, have you thought of hostels? Many have family rooms, which could be an option for you. Might be worth enquiring. I know this one does, and I think this one does as well. Don't know any in Boston though.


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