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    Hi all,

    I've been hoping to drive the Lincoln Highway all the way from New York to San Francisco, but due to various circumstances, the time frame I have in which to do this has been cut to 10 days (11 at the absolute maximum). I've never done this trip before, and am wondering if that's enough time to do the trip and see at least some sights, or if that's cutting it too short. Any thoughts/tips are very much appreciated!

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    Considering it's a 5 day drive via I-80, you will have time to travel selected sections of the old highway, but not the whole thing.

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    Default That's doable.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    You can easily do that in 10 days. Especially since you have another day up your sleeve. If you were only to average 35 mph - which is most unlikely - it would take around 9 hours on the road for 10 days. At just over 3000 miles, you would only need to cover about 300 miles per day. Breaking it down like that, you can see, it should be a trip with time to stop at all the hilights and not be rushed.

    There are quite a few sites about this great road, of which I have only driven bits here and there. Brian Butko's books on this road are the best available, here's one to look at.

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    Default Another viewpoint

    10 days to drive the entire Lincoln Highway, (one of the trips I still want to do), is going to be challenging. Sections of it were never paved and it's a road that deserves some time to savor the journey. If it were me, I'd dedicate 10 days to 1/2 of the country. It's entirely possible that 8 hours of driving in certain sections will yield a total of 50-60 miles of net travel...

    I put a link to my review of Brian's book in Lifey's post, but here is the direct link in RTA's store. No matter how much you drive of the historic road --you ought to have this guide with you! I use it.

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