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  1. Default North-East USA/South-East Canada trip.

    Hey guys, my girlfriend and I are heading to the USA and Canada next year. We have been busy planning our trip up the West Coast of the US and the West of Canada, but we would love some more information regarding our North-East USA/South-East Canada part of the trip.

    Our rough plan was to go from New York > Niagra > Toronto > Montreal > Quebec >Down through Maine (Arcadia NP) > Boston > back to New York. We know less about the areas up here, so we would love some recommendations in regards to what to see and the best routes possible. We are young (early 20's) and love pretty walks/hikes etc.

    Also, how much time do you think will be needed for this leg of the trip? Is hiring a car recommended, or are public transport options good as well?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance guys!

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    While actually in NYC and Boston, public transportation is the way to go. Both cities are set up for it! However, trying to get around the rest of that, a rental car is the way to go.

    As far as time is concerned - you'll want to leave more time than you think you'll need. If it were me, I'd want to drive one day, spend a day or two at the place, drive another day, spend another day or two at the next place, etc. Niagara Falls itself has the Maid of the Mist tour, Cave of the Winds, the walk behind the falls, and of course a whole bunch of viewpoints along the driving tour. You'll want to see the falls lit up at night, too.

    I'm not as familiar with Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec, so I'll leave those for someone else. You can poke around this site some more as I'm sure there are things listed for each of those locations.

    Acadia (no R) National Park is beautiful. There are hikes you can take within it, so you will probably want to allow yourself a day for car-seeing and a day for doing some of the hikes within.

    Boston is full of early USA history! If it were me, I'd stay two or three days there to be able to see it all, but the first sight would be Old North Church.


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    Thank you Donna, we appreciate the input. We'll be sure to take it into consideration :)

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    Default It's been awhile...

    ... since I was in that neck of the woods (probably 20 years), but here goes.

    I loved Quebec city, and old Montreal. For a good drenching, take the Saute Moutons boat ride in Montreal. You will not get wet, you will barely escape drowning.

    If you or your girlfriend was ever into Lucy Maude Montgomery, consider Prince Edward Island, "Anne of Green Gables" country.

    Boston is a great town, and very walkable; it is also, in my opinion, one of the worst downtowns to drive in.

    Arcadia is a must, and has lots of hiking options. My wife would kill me if I didn't also suggest a ferry to Isle au Haut and/or Deer Isle; never done either so I can't speak from experience.

    Depending on your route, the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne VT is a fascinating collection of Americana, ranging from covered bridges to round barns, to rooms full of duck decoys.... no place quite like it. 40-odd buildings scattered over as many acres.

    Personally, I'd spend some days in Boston, rent a car, loop up to Montreal, Quebec, down to Acadia and back to Boston; two weeks would allow a leisurely loop.

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    Thanks for the tips Cal :) Anyone else able to chime in?

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    Default Two Useful Resources

    In case you haven't found them yet in your perusal through these forums, be sure to check out these two compilations of ideas for the areas you'll be traveling through:

    New York to Niagara
    New England

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    Thanks Buck!

  8. Default Best way to get to Glacier National Park from our planned route?

    Hey everyone! So my partner and I will be road tripping through the US and Canada from June next year. We are heading up the west side of the US from San Fran to Seattle (stopping at all the national parks along the way for walking treks). Then doing the circle from Vancouver to Banff/Jasper/Calgary and back.

    We're wondering what the easiest/quickest/least out of the way route is to get to Glacier National Park considering our planned route?

    Thanks so much for any assistance guys!

    (merged into existing thread for same trip)
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    Default Where will you be just prior?

    I've reread your thread a couple of times, but I can't tell where you're planning to be just prior to going to Glacier NP. So, perhaps a little more detail would be helpful here?


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    Sorry to be vague, we're still very much in the planning stage. That is pretty much what we're trying to find out. If we wanted to go to Glacier National Park, at which point of our trip is it best to head there? I.E. From Seattle, from the rockies in Canada?

    I've found the Waterton Lakes National Park looks pretty close to Glacier National Park in Montana, so maybe head down to Waterton from Banff, then to Glacier from there?

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