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  1. Default Round trip: Mighigan to Niagara Falls. Maybe back thru New York?

    Well, hubby and I going on one week trip to Niagara Falls and back from Jackson Michigan. In our mid 50's. What might there be to do if we came back thru New York? Like a scenic route for sure. Just like to look at stuff along the way.

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    It depends on the route you want to take. What I always recommend is for people to poke around this site a little to see what's available, then go to the mapping center to see what's along the route you want to take. Or go get a good road map or atlas and see what routes might be available and what's nearby to the route. On a map or atlas, the scenic routes are usually either dotted or highlighted in green.

    Once you get a good route in mind, or some ideas of what you'd like to see, come back here and we will help you connect the dots and refine the trip.

    It also occurs to me that you're probably looking at a two day drive going in each direction, which only gives you 3 other days to play with. However, I may not be interpreting your message right.


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    Default It depends on how long you have.

    Hi Cheryl, and Welcome to the Great American RaodTrip Forum.

    There are actually a few very scenic routes and attractions along the way, but it all depends on how long you have for this part of the trip. As already mentioned, scenic routes are marked on all traditional maps. I particularly like route 16 from Buffalo to Allegany and the Allegany State Park. Into PA you have the Alleghany Nat Rec Area and Reservoir. Time permitting, a scenic loop from there through Cherry Grove, Whig Hill and back along the Alleghey River affords a lovely drive through scenic Pennsylvania and small settlements. Warren makes a nice place if you need an overnight stop.

    With more time, and a little further, you have the Finger Lakes along I-90.


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