Hello RTA !!

My best friend and I are going to be doing our first RoadTrip together and it's going to be a three week journey across the USA starting in New York to Los Angeles.

This is the map and the Locations we are going to be visiting.

Since we are both from Italy and I am only familiar with New York. We are clueless about what routes to take and things to do besides some very evident places we want to see.

  1. Day 1-2 New York City
  2. Day 3 - NYC to Washington, DC
  3. Day 4 - Washington to Wilmington, NC
  4. Day 5 - Wilmington to Charleston, SC
  5. Day 6 - Charleston to Atlanta
  6. Day 7 - Atlanta to Mobile, AL
  7. Day 8 - Mobile to New Orleans(Going to New Orleans is Confirmed though)
  8. Day 9 - New Orleans to Kilgore, TX
  9. Day 10 - Kilgore to Aspermont, TX
  10. Day 11 - Aspermont to Roswell, NM(Going to Roswell is confirmed)
  11. Day 12 - Roswell to Santa Fe
  12. Day 13 - Santa Fe to Monument Valley, UT
  13. Day 14 - Monument Valley to Grand Canyon
  14. Day 15 - Grand Canyon to Las Vegas, NV
  15. Day 17 - Las Vegas to Death Valley, CA
  16. Day 17 - Death Valley to Sequoia National Forest
  17. Day 18 - Sequoia National Forest to San Francisco
  18. Day 19 - San Francisco to Los Angeles

The parts in blue are still undecided. We do know we want to travel through the northern part of Texas but the locations are picked at random and serve as tentative guidelines on how to traverse through the undecided routes.

The parts in red are confirmed. And we will be visiting the locations by bike once we get to the city/location. We don't know much about Monument Valley, Grand Canyon and other similar natural sights and would love suggestions. We can't afford to stay in a place too long since we only have three weeks to do the trip but are willing to do as much as possible ! We are looking for suggestions to travel on Americana style routes like state highways and possibly stop by and see local attractions on the way !~

Thanks and looking forward to the comments and suggestions.