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  1. Default 3 wk road trip L.A to Vegas to San Fran back to L.A


    My husband and I are travelling to America at the end of November and are starting our holiday with a Californian road trip.

    We we will have three weeks in California and are looking at the following itinery:

    28th Nov - fly into L.A
    30th Nov - pick up van
    1-2 Dec - Las Vegas
    3-4 Dec - Grand Canyon
    5-11 Dec - Grand Canyon to San Fran via Death Valley and Yosemite Valley
    12-18 Dec - San Fran to L.A via coast road and Nappa Valley.
    Return van 18 Dec by 4pm in L.A

    We have never been to America before so would love any tips.
    Can anyone provide advice as to whether we are leaving too much time to explore places or not enough. This is our main concern as we have not travelled overseas before.
    Plus any must see's.

    I have read some other posts and gathered some suggested places (Sequoia National Park etc).

    We have just booked our van - so are in the beginning stages of planning an itinery.


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    Default Best Place to Begin

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Actually, you've done exactly the right thing, checking out some other posts, but in particular make sure that you read through the ones linked to here which contain a number of the best discussions of attractions in the area. As far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing as "too much time to explore places". 'Extra' time just allows you to travel at a relaxed pace and look into some of the less famous (but often more rewarding) venues that the harried tourists don't have time for. It lets you be an explorer rather than part of the herd that's just checking off 'must sees'. As you get your travel plans a bit more settled, we can point out a few of these great locations, and perhaps more importantly, lead you to ways to find your own hidden gems


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    Default Some thoughts.

    Another thing to keep in mind when looking around is that you are travelling in winter months and you may have to plan around some closures. For the section between Grand canyon and Yosemite, it is more than likely the Tioga pass [CA120] across the mountains will be closed so from Death valley to Yosemite you will have to go around them. It's no big deal as you can head around the southern end via Lake Isabella or head North towards Lake Tahoe. By going around the south you could spend a little of your time and visit Sequoia NP. A couple of tweaks you could make to your itinerary would be to head to GC from LA and then back to Vegas to save going over the same ground twice. It would be a long day on the road OR with an overnight stop you could consider a drive through Joshua tree NP. Instead of heading North from SF to Napa and back south for LA you could head to Napa from Yosemite and drop down into SF over the Golden gate bridge.

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    Hi Kandy,

    5-11 Dec - Grand Canyon to San Fran via Death Valley and Yosemite Valley
    One of the more scenic routes from Death Valley to Yosemite will be over Hwy 120 also know as Tioga Pass. There is a chance that Yosemite's Tioga pass will be closed for winter by December so check to make sure the pass is still open before heading that way. If you plan on Sequoia National Park then you would probably be coming the southern route anyways.

    Other than Las Vegas and Death Valley you will probably run into cooler fall/winter weather.


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    There is a chance that Yosemite's Tioga pass will be closed for winter by December
    That's just about a certainty. Tioga has only been open as late as Dec 1st 3 times in the past 30 years. You also may be required to have tire chains to visit Yosemite and Sequoia in December.

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