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  1. Default SF to LA via Pacific Coast Highway

    I am looking for tips as to the best places to stop along this route going south down PCH...any hiking spots along the way?

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    Welcome back!

    How many days are you planning on taking? I have no personal knowledge on hiking opportunities, but there are several state parks and beaches along the way.

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    Default All kinds of options

    There's hiking then there's hiking.

    Lots of day hike options in the various state parks, plus overnight backpacking options in Ventana Wilderness (and probably other backpacking options as well, I've done Ventana but only day hikes in other parks).

    Try the CA State Parks website for day specific hikes in the Central Coast Region. Clicking on a park name will take you to the specific park's website; most have a list of day hikes.

    I would suggest Pfiefer Big Sur and Julia Pfiefer Burns as starting points for your investigations.

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    Default This is about beaches, but...

    This is about beaches, but... there are some awesome hikes starting from these beaches...

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    Jerry Schad has written a number of good hiking guides for California. Among them are AFOOT AND AFIELD IN SAN DIEGO COUNTY, and AFOOT AND AFIELD IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY. I believe he also wrote one called 101 CALIFORNIA HIKES. Try to get an up-to-date edition of any guide, though, because trailhead parking often changes. And there is also this one by Matt Heid, 101 Hikes in Northern California: Exploring Mountains, Valleys and Seashore..

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    Thank you.
    So here is what I gather are the cities worth stopping at...let me know if this is too many or I am missing any.
    Santa Barbara
    San Luis Obispo
    San Simeon
    The two parks mentioned Pfiefer big sur, julia pfiefer burns and point lobos
    pismo beach
    I also learned that route 154 to santa barbara is an awesome drive.
    I have a max of four days, leaving on Tuesday and want to get down by Friday.

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    Default The castle ?

    Hearst castle would be on most people's list of things to do if time permits, and you do have the time. If it's your 'thing' you might want to consider booking a tour in advance as it does get quite busy.

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