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    3 of my friends and I are planning a road trip next April. We have luckily got tickets to Coachella so were going to head on from there. I was thinking about going across over Arizona, Texas, Louisiana then down to Florida and up the coast all the way to New York. Now we have about 5 weeks and I was wondering if this would be enough time? Also as we were looking to rent a car, does anyone know of a good company that will do one way rentals for a good price?


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    Five weeks is a good amount of time for a cross-country road trip, one where you can drive for a day, see something the next day, drive another day, see something else the following - not driving miles every single day. My advice: get a good road map of the USA and start plotting out a possible route. (I am old fashioned and still prefer a paper map, and feel that it's better for giving you the whole picture more than the computer mapping programs.) Look at it and see what routes might take you in the direction you are going and perhaps some of the sights along the way. Come back here, let us know what types of things you'd like to see (scenic, scientific, historic, touristy) and we can help suggest things for you.

    As for a car rental - you did not say where you are starting from (except Coachella, which is in the Palm Springs area), nor if you are flying in from somewhere else. These factors can help us show you a direction to start for car rentals. Note that MOST car rental companies are going to charge you a one-way drop off fee if you start in one city (Los Angeles, perhaps) and end in New York City or Newark.


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    A one way car rental for 5 weeks cross-country is going to be expensive - especially if you are under 25. There will be a daily surcharge for each driver under 25, and if you are under 21 you cannot even rent a car or drive a rental.

    Click on "Cars" in the green top menu bar and see what you find. I'm showing that it's going to be over $2000 best case from LAX to EWR.

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    Mark changed the bars. Look in the tool bar under RESERVATIONS and then in the drop down box under RENTAL CARS.


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