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    Hello all,
    I could really use some advice for a potential road trip. Bascially, I work in a University in the UK and have a bunch of holiday that expires at the end of august this year, but I can't really take any til the last two weeks. My colleague is in the same boat, so he suggested an American(and possibly Canadian) road trip. We are both about 30 and also geeks :)

    So, the dates we have are something like 22nd August to 2nd September (or a couple of days either way), we have roughly $2800 (maximum) to spend on car rental, petrol, accomodation, food, etc... (not including flights)

    We want to avoid the west coast because a) I've already been to LA a few times and b) One of our other friends has a plan about driving down the west coast, but he can't come on this trip. And obviously, we don't want to hijack his dream :)

    We do like the idea of visiting both the US and Canada, provisional plans maybe something involving the New York and Montreal areas? Honestly, we don't know. there are so many possibilities!

    So, given the budget and timescale, any advice?

    Thanks in advance.

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    East coast, then, it sounds like???? Here are some tips:

    Get a good USA road map and check out the Eastern side. See what appeals to you. What we might suggest, and you and your friend's interests, may be two different things. There's a lot to suggest if you can give us more information.

    New York City is a mecca in itself - - one can spend a week there and never see everything. So is Boston, or go south into Virginia, North and South Carolina, and further down.

    Once you get some ideas, toss them at us and we can help you put together a plan. But this is YOUR trip....


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Since you haven't been there, and since it's the closest part of North America to Britain, and since it's a gorgeous and interesting area in its own right, Maritime Canada, the St. Lawrence Valley, New York and New England would make a great region to explore over two weeks. You can't really see it all in that time frame but you won't be disappointed wherever you end up. so take a look at flying into say Québec, Montréal, Toronto, New York or Boston, even Philadelphia and Washington perhaps, and see where you can get the best deal on the combination of airfare and car hire. then plan a loop out of and back to that gateway city, hitting spots of interest to you. As some incentive, take a look through some of the following to give you some rough ideas of what's available in that general area:

    New England
    Niagara and New York
    St. Lawrence Valley and the Maritimes


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