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  1. Default First trip to Wyoming, Montana and Black Hills, ND this Sept, 2011

    We live a city where we don't even own a car. So this is such an exciting road trip for my husband & me. We are planning a 2 week trip beginning Sept. 15th. We are flying in & out of Denver. I decided to rent a compact car which I hope is fine for this trip. Please advise otherwise.

    The only definite so far is we have to be in Custer, ND on Sept 23rd. We're meeting up with friends for the Buffalo Roundup at Custer State Park. So we decided to do a road trip beforehand.

    After doing much reading about the states, I have the following panned so far. I'd love to get your advice on my plans THANK YOU!

    Denver to Steamboat Springs, Co - stay overnight

    Steamboat Springs to Jackson, Wyoming - I know this will be about 7 hour trip. I planned on one night but should it be 2?

    Drive through Grand Tetons to Yellowstone National Park- Stay overnight at Old Faithful Lodge.

    Another night in Yellowstone at Mammoth Lodge - northern part.

    Yellowstone to Bozeman, Mt for 2 nights

    Bozeman to Cody - stay one night.

    We still have another night before driving to Custer. Any suggestions after Cody. Should I stay 2 nights in Jackson & then drive from Cody to Custer which is a 6 hour drive? I'm confused.

    This is the first time on this forum. I love it!

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    Default a few suggestions

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You're certainly in for a great trip - the buffalo roundup will be an experience you will never forget.

    I would certainly plan for a second night in Jackson. That would give you a full day to explore the Tetons.

    2 days is nice for Yellowstone, but you could certainly use more if you're looking to fill time.

    What's your plan for Bozeman? Going there and then to Cody is a little scattered. Another option to consider is going out via the Beartooth Highway (US-212).

    How much time are you spending in the Black Hills and what do you have planned there (beyond the roundup?)

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    Wow, thanks for responding. You know, I have been reading other people's blogs & suggestions before I started this thread. Every time I read something, I get more & more confused. Also, I've been reading many travel sights. I know Jackson is pricey to stay so I thought one night would be fine. I am trying to keep the costs down. I thought we could do Grand Tetons in one day and Yellowstone in 2 days. I heard about Bozeman & Livingston from friends. I guess I didn't want to keep moving everyday. So i thought Bozeman would be a base to explore the surrounding areas. BUT then Cody is said to be a must. I thought while driving east, we can stopover at Buffalo. We can see Bighorn National Forest.

    We are staying in Custer for 4 nights. Custer will be our base but we will travel to see all the highlights: Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Custer State Park. The actual Buffalo roundup is Monday Sept. 26th but they have things happening all weekend. We'll leave Custer on Sept. 27th so we have 2 more days to explore. I'm not sure how we'll go back to Denver but maybe we'll stay in Boulder the last night.

    Just FYI, my original plan to was to drive through Cheyenne on the way to Jackson because it sounded like it would be a great place. BUT I soon got discouraged after reading various disappointments from bloggers. So I changed my route. We also love to see beautiful scenery, too. I love Colorado but never been to Steamboat Springs. I know, I am REALLY all over the map. I want to see it all but realize it is miles to get to one place to another.

    I LOVE your suggestion of traveling on Beartooth Highway. Thanks
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    Default The Web can be a confusing place

    Every time I read something, I get more & more confused. Also, I've been reading many travel sights.
    Here at RTA, we try and help would-be roadtrippers at every level of expertise in finding the "sweet spot" between too much information and not enough. It can be confusing. On this forum there is a truly remarkable road trip planning skill level and one of the things you'll read, over and over, is our attempt to get road trip planners to descend from the heights and get on the road at the ground level.

    Sounds like you've got an awesome trip planned. One thing to keep in mind, you don't have to do it all on this one one trip!

    A lot of us here, like Cody, Wyoming. I was born there and still have fond memories of the area. It is a good place for a hub road trip. The thing about road trips, is that they are not movies -- each one is different and special and unique. My advice? Don't worry too much about not finding "the most scenic place in the world".. Choose the most intriguing places to you and then just go there and treat it like an adventure. You could take a road trip to the same place, every week for the rest of your life and every single road trip would be different. The weather will be different, you'll be different, the people you'll be will be different... You get my drift.

    Here's a couple of routes in the South Dakota area, you might find intriguing....
    Black Hills Sampler


  5. Default you made me feeling better

    Thanks Mark. Your remarks made me much more comfortable with our trip. It will be a wonderful adventure no matter where we go. We're looking forward to it. Hopefully there will be many more road trips ahead. Also, thanks for the Black Hills links.

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    Default It's all good

    I'm posting this from beautiful Polaris, Montana where I'm in the first week of a two week RoadTrip.

    Your trip sounds like a ton of fun. Have a look at web info for Strawberry Park Hot Spring, located about 5 miles out of Steamboat Springs. A small fee is charged and an icy cold creek cuts through the hot spring pools area providing a cool dip during your soak.

    Bozeman is a nice town and the MSU students will be in town further adding to what is normally a raucous environment.

    You're going to LOVE the Beartooth Highway--don't miss it.

    Bring your cold weather gear! It's in the low 50s here at 6,800' this morning. Come September you'll see some snow.



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    Default Rocky mountain NP ?

    Denver to Steamboat Springs, Co - stay overnight
    It would be a long day, but I hope that includes a drive through Rocky mountain NP ? If you head to Estes park you can drive over the spectacular Trail ridge road [US34] through the heart of the park, it also happens to be the highest continuous paved road in the USA.
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    WOW! I didn't even realize you responded to my question. Thank you so much for your advice. I still have a month to go so i was checking in on the site. I've never did this before so I was surprised that others responded. How was your trip? I wish I can be there now. A little hot & muggy in the big city.

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    Thanks Southwest Dave. We fly out of Denver at the end of trip. We have 2 days left after Custer. We'll visit Estes Park and Rocky Mountain NP. Thanks for the suggestion.

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