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  1. Default San Francisco to Grand Canyon & back to San Fransisco through the coast in 10 days.

    Hi Guys, I want to do this road trip with my family in early Aug and appreciate if you can suggest/recommend how I should be planning my trip. I have 12 days with me. One of the attractions is Grand Canyon. I do not want to visit LA. Las Vegas, I want to include on my agenda. If you can put some thoughts and suggest daywise schedule. Thanks

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    I'd recommend doing this trip in a counter-clockwise direction, going down the coast highway first. This way, the scenic pullouts will be on your side of the road. Then, go to the Grand Canyon, then Las Vegas, then back to SF via Death Valley and Yosemite. If you have time, you could visit a couple of the southern Utah parks in between the GC and LV.

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    Thanks Glc. Appreciate your feedback. Great tip. I will reschedule and try to work out in a counter-clockwise direction.Any other advise you want me to consider as the places to stay on our way into Grand Canyon..where are all, which towns we can stay for the nights on our way into Grand Canyon. We would like the beautiful coastal places .Appreciate if you can throw some light. thanks

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    Cambria fits the definition of a beautiful coastal place to a T.

    Cambria to the GC is just a bit too far for a single day's drive. It's 650 miles via CA-46/CA-99/CA-58/I-40/AZ-64. You could spend a night in Kingman, if you feel like you can drive another 2 hours you can press on to Williams (add about 45 minutes if you want to take old Route 66 from Kingman to Seligman). It's another hour or so from Williams to the park. Kingman has a wide selection of hotels, Williams is considerably more limited.

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    Default Planning links.

    Here you will find some of our favourite threads covering the area you refer too. You will find many more searching the forums and scrolling to the bottom of this page where you will see 'Similar threads' listed.

    Once you have done some research and decided at what pace you want to travel then we can help fill in the finer detail. As glc mentioned, you could possibly head towards Bryce and/or Zion from the GC or spend a little time in Monument valley, but that might take too much quality time away from the other places. To do a loop of the South rim of the South rim, I like to continue to Flagstaff and up 89 to near Cameron and then in on 64 through the East kiosk. Your first views from the Watchtower are wide open and of the Colorado river entering the canyon area. You can then stop at various viewpoints as you make your way to the village area where you can get the free shuttle bus service up to Hermits rest [getting on and off at various viewpoints along the way] and then you have completed the South rim area before exiting through the South kiosk.

    For help with lodging options click on the 'Reservations' tag in the green tool bar above.

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