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  1. Default Las Vegas to San Francisco or Las Vegas to Denver

    Hello! I have been looking into a road trip with my boyfriend starting from Las Vegas in late November for two weeks. I have been to the area before in September 2007 but am unsure as to what to expect in winter. He really wants to go skiing, so we were thinking of going to Vegas first and ending the holiday in a ski resort. There are lots of different opinions and it's made me more unsure as to what may be the best option for us. At the minute we plan to spend 2-3 days in Vegas, 2-3 days at the ski resort and the rest of the time sight seeing/travelling. I had thought of a couple of options:

    Fly to Vegas from London, spend couple of days there, pick up car and travel to Grand Canyon NP (have been before) possibly via Lake Mead. Spend the night(s) in the local area, then travel to Monument Valley, stay overnight, followed by Zion NP/Bryce Canyon NP going towards Death Valley with overnight stop(s) along the way. I'd then like to visit Yosemite NP with another overnight stay before travelling to Lake Tahoe for skiing and finally onto SF for flight home.


    Fly to Vegas and as above except spending more time in Nevada/Utah before travelling to a ski resort in Colorado possibly Arapahoe Basin and flying from Denver.

    I would appreciate advice on: how achievable either route would be in winter, what sort of level of hire vehicle would be acceptable, what sort of weather to expect where and also the whole concept of snow tyres-have read conflicting reports on people carrying these and also using them on hire cars. Also am worried November may be too early for skiing? Any advice very much appreciated


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    There is only one problem with your first route - by late November most of the passes over the Sierra Nevadas will already be closed for the winter - in order to get to Yosemite from Death Valley you will have to go south to Bakersfield or north to Lake Tahoe. You also will have to carry tire chains to enter Yosemite, and not all rental agencies allow those. You could go to Tahoe first, then go to Yosemite on your way to SF, this would be a more efficient route.

    Your second route will probably have better odds of getting some good skiing, but you may need tire chains this way too.

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    How difficult are the driving conditions likely to be and would it be more practical to perhaps postpone the trip to next March?

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    Default Skiing in the West (Very Generally)

    Driving conditions will change on a day-to-day and even hour-to-hour basis. The fact is that if you want to ski, you have to expect, even hope for, snow! You also have several world class ski areas within a day's drive of Las Vegas including around Salt lake (home to the 2002 Winter Olympics) and western Colorado (Telluride, Durango, and Powderhorn to name a few). Such commercial resorts, and the towns they're in, depend on being able to get skiers in and out for their economic livelihood and so keeping the roads plowed and clear is given high priority. However, resorts in southwestern Colorado typically start their season in late November, but a little north and east of there in the central Rockies, resorts such as Breckenridge and Vail open in mid-November. Resorts in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah also open in mid to late November. Again, this varies from year-to-year and with local weather.

    There are also plenty of great scenic and historic national parks on the way to and from either of those locations. Returning to Las Vegas for the flight home has considerable cost and logistic advantages for both the plane and car hire, so you should look at making a loop trip that, while it continually see new country, you end up back where you began.


  5. Default 2 days between SLC and LV


    We have booked a two week trip to Las Vegas and have already planned a route from LV through GC, MV, Arches and up to SLC. We will most likely be leaving SLC on 8th December and our flight from LV is not till the evening of 10th December. I would like some advice with regards as to whether to take the direct I 15 route or if there is another more interesting route and also what stop offs would be good to include along the way besides Zion NP?

    All advice appreciated!

    Mod note. Please keep all questions regarding this trip here, thanks !
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    Default Huh?

    Maybe I'm confused - - are you doing the GC and other parks before heading up to SLC? Or did you want to try to cram all of those parks into a 2 day time frame between 12/8 and 12/10?


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    Default More NP's perhaps ?

    We like to keep all questions about the same trip in one thread, and I am presuming this is the same trip as above that is taking a different direction ? It helps to avoid confusion and helps people to follow the rest of the plan.

    Ok, I take it that you have 2 days to return from SLC to Vegas at the end of your trip ? If you want to 'catch' another couple of National parks I would come off I15 to Panguitch and head to Bryce canyon where you could spend a night [Rubys Inn perhaps ?] and then through Zion NP back to I15 for Vegas. Alternatively you could head direct to Zion via Brians head and through Cedar Breaks NM and have more time at Zion and take a lovely riverside walk through the canyon. To the West of I15 there is the Great basin NP and Cathedral gorge state park with more desert type scenery.

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    We are spending a few days in LV first, then travelling to GC, onto MV, up to Arches with a few overnight stays along the way before ending up in SLC for 4 nights. So am looking for advice about the different routes to get back to LV from SLC in 2 days, including via Zion as we've already decided to stop here along the way...

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    Default There's Always More Than You Can Fit In

    My wife and I just decided to take an impromptu RoadTrip to and through this same area and so I've been starting to research some possible stops. Right now, I've just been developing a list which has yet to be winnowed down so there's far more than you can fit into two days, but worth looking at to see how they suit your own interests are:

    Cedar Breaks National Monument
    Frontier Homestead State Park
    Old Cove Fort
    Old Silver Reef Mining/Ghost Town
    Patchwork Parkway
    Timpanogos Cave National Monument


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    thanks for that info

    can anyone suggest a suitable car hire? some sites are saying standard cars are fine and others state that they wouldn't consider the sort of route we are taking without a 4x4?

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