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  1. Default need help on my plan from Sacramento to Crescent City

    Hi everyone,

    My husband and I are planning on a 6 days road trip with our two boys (5 and 7 of age). We need help on Day 5 and 6. We want to visit the Redwood, but didn't know where to go. We also want to visit lighthouse or beach on Day 6 before heading home. I also need help on where to stay on Day 4 heading to the Redwood from crater lake and Day 5. Also is it do-able on Day 1 to Day 4 on the activities with two young boys? I know I ask a lot, but I really need help. Thank you for your help.

    Day 1 - devil kitchen and boiling lake in Lassen volcanic national park and spending a night at Chester.
    Day 2- bumpass hell (lassen) and Burney falls (McArthur-Burney memorial state park) and spending a night at Weed, CA
    Day 3 -lava beds national monument and spending a night at Klamath Falls, OR
    Day 4 - crater lake and not sure where to stay????
    Day 5 - open (we want to visit the Redwood, but not sure where to go)
    Day 6 - open (heading back to sacramento, but would love to spend somethings at the beach or visit lighthouses.)

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    You didn't say when you are planning this trip, but the main road through Lassen is still not open from the winter snows. The East Rim Drive at Crater lake is also still closed.

    Here is the lodging page for Crater Lake. However, you may want to get as far as you can toward the coast to free up some time for your last 2 days, it's only about a 90 minute drive to CL from Klamath Falls. Take OR-138 to the north entrance and the West Rim Drive to the village so you can take the south entrance out to OR-62.

    From Crater Lake, you can take OR-62/OR-234 to I-5 to Grants Pass, then US-199 to US-101. You will go right by Redwood NP, then farther south you can take the Avenue of the Giants through Humboldt Redwoods SP. At Leggett you can take CA-1 to the coast, there's a lighthouse at Point Arena. You can cut back inland at Bodega Bay to head back to Sacto.

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    Default Some other thoughts/options....

    Instead of Weed, consider the Railroad Park motel just south of Dunsmuir, the 'rooms' are converted cabooses and boxcars; the boys would probably enjoy this place.

    From Klamath Falls, you could pass through Crater Lake, continue on to Grants Pass as GLC suggests but keep going to Oregon Caves National Monument; try to book a room there and take a cave tour the next morning before heading for the coast. Alternately, if you stay in Grants Pass, book a jet boat ride on the Rogue.

    Near Klamath (CA, not OR) is "Trees Of Mystery", some may style this a 'tourist trap' but I loved it as a kid and intend to hit it again when I visit the area in September.

    As GLC hints, the trail to Bumpass Hell is not only not open now, you can't even drive to the trailhead. It should be open in a month or two (maybe). Note the trail there is about a 3 mile round trip with a 200' elevation gain/loss. How are your kids as hikers?

    UPDATE: just checked... the park road IS open as far as the Bumpass Hell trailhead, BUT the trail itself is closed.
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    GLC - We are planning to go on this road trip on July 31. I'm hoping all the roads will open up by then. Thanks for the important info regarding the crater lake entrance. I didn't know there are that many entrances.

    CalOldblue - Railroad park motel is a great suggestion. My boys love trains. My boys are hikers, so 3 miles round trip will not a be a problem. I'll definitely check road before heading out to lassen.

    Thank you for all your valuable tips.

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