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  1. Default Cleveland OH- PA-Buffalo NY to Toronto Canada Scenic Views

    Are there any suggestions on where to go for scenic views on our road trip from Cleveland OH to Toronto Canada aside from Niagara Falls? Definitely we are going to Niagara Falls but I need more scenic views along our way to Toronto. Thanks for your help.

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    How many days are you planning for this trip?

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    We are flying in to Cleveland OH, July 9 and will be driving to Toronto on July 10, we will be staying in Toronto from July 11 to 15 and will be driving back July 15 to OH and we are flying back to Seattle on July 17. We may be staying in OH or PA July 15 to 17. Thanks

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    Does that mean you are planning on driving from Cleveland to Toronto in one day, same for the return trip? This is about a 6 hour drive via fastest route, plus possible border crossing delays. I can't really think of any way to find a more scenic route without making for a VERY long day on the road.

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    I still have 2 days to see scenic views driving back from Toronto to OH (July 15 to 17), either in PA or OH. We may stay overnight half way to Toronto on the 9th and continue driving to Toronto on the 10th.

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    If there are no scenic views along the way, is there any tourist attractions in OH or PA that we can visit and take souvenir pictures??

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    The only thing that readily comes to mind along the fastest route is Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA.

    On the way back if you are taking 2 days, you may like the Allegheny National Forest in northwestern PA.

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    Presque Isle in Erie, PA is a wonderful place. I recommend once you get near NY that you get off the 90 and onto Route 5. It follows the lake and once you get into Hamburg, NY you can stop at Red Top (on the lake). It is an old hot dog stand right across from Lake Erie. But if you take Route 5 into Buffalo you will see a lot of the lake and can do some site seeing on Elmwood Ave (trendy shops, restuarants, bars, etc), Delaware Park, etc.

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    Default There are scenic routes

    Take scenic route 16 south from Buffalo till you get to I-86 which will take you to the edge of Allegany National Forest. It is a slower road, but should be what you are looking for.

    Depending on how you are situated for time, you can, instead of heading straight for the Allegany NF, take scenic 219 into PA and scenic 59 to Warren, which is a good place to stop overnight.

    Before heading back to I-90 along route 6, you might go for a scenic drive through the Allegany NF south along route 6 to route 666, then west to route 62 and back north to 6, which will then take you back to I-90 and onto Cleveland. It really is a lovely, though slower, drive.

    Best part is, you can decide when on the road, as to how much you want to do, to fit in with your time constraints.

    (You can see on your maps and in your road atlas which roads are scenic... they have a dotted line beside them.)


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