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  1. Default Advice for (moving) road trip from Cali to South Carolina

    My mom and I are moving from SoCal to South Carolina in October, we're going to make it a speed run for the 2 cats that won't do well on the trip, the only stop we have planned is near Dallas to see relatives and save on a hotel fare one night.

    I haven't been able to find a trip planning site that really fits what I'm looking for yet, and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestion for a good one i might not have seen, the ones i find will map the route and some even tell you hotels in the area but I'd like to find one that maybe tells me how many hours or even miles major cities are along the way, hotels don't help me out very much because we can't predict where we'll be stopping as that will be determined on how long I'm able to drive each day.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    Also I was wondering if anyone knew what is the better route each map/trip planning site i try tells me go a different way, some tell me to go the 10 fwy to the 20 fwy basically going down following the Mexico border and the rest say drive up and through the top of the AZ, NM, etc, I've never been out of Cali before so I don't know what either way would be like...or make for an easier, faster drive

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Since you want to stay in Dallas, then I-10/20 does really make the most sense. Depending upon where in SC you are going, that's probably the fastest most direct route anyway. There aren't a lot of major cities, especially on the first half of the trip, but any town with even a few thousand people along the interstate will have a good choice of traveler services.

    The one problem with stopping in Dallas is that it doesn't ideally fit into a "speed run" plan. You're looking at about 1400 miles to DFW which really is too far to do in 2 days, but not as far as you could go in 3. Similarly, DFW to SC (using Columbia as the sample) is a bit under 1000 miles, which is a full 2 days, but you could go a bit farther if you needed to.

    A good rule of thumb for a full day on the road is 600 miles - which put you on the road for about 10 hours a day. I'd say that's especially important since you are traveling with cats - who from my experience go into "shutdown" mode while traveling, and don't eat/drink/litter. Forcing your cats to be in that shutdown mode for much more than about 10 hours is really going to be just as hard on them as being in the car itself.

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    ok so that kind of what i was thinking we're gonna be outside of dallas almost in OK, so it would probably be better to go the 40 fwy route and I think we'll be in the greenville area so that's near-ish the 40 too, we've been debating this for a while and we figuered we might have to take 3 days to get to the dallas area, and just spend some more time visiting, and it would be less taxing on the cats, one cats good but my cat on the last 2 hour trip we had to take was a nightmare, and since I'm the only one driving an 8-9 hour stretch won't drive me as crazy lol, thanks alot!

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    Just for perspective, I-40 runs through Oklahoma City - about 200 miles north of Dallas, and 150 miles north of the Texas border (at I-35).

    Its quite likely that you'd have a shorter trip sticking to I-10/I-20. Similarly, I-20/I-85 through Atlanta would likely be shorter than any option of going all the way up to I-40.

    You're not looking at huge differences, so if you'd rather take I-40, it won't impact your overall time a ton, but its likely going to add a little bit of time.

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