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    kia ora
    We are Kiwis traveling to Vegas in february and will then have 4 days skiing in Tahoe then going to San Francisco and home.
    We are thinking of flying from vegas to Reno and when leaving Tahoe flying to Sanfrancisco.
    As an option i would like to drive this instead of flying.
    How long is the drive from Vegas to Tahoe?
    How long is the drive from Tahoe to San Francisco?
    appreciate any feedback


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    Hi twokjs,

    Depending on the route you take from Las Vegas to South Shore Lake Tahoe it's between approx 445 miles to 550 miles and will take between 7 1/2 or 8 1/2 hours with out stops and could be more depending on the weather and road conditions since February is our winter.

    South Shore Lake Tahoe to San Francisco is 185 miles and I'd plan on at least 3 1/2 to 4 hours if Hwy 50 is open and you don't hit to much commute traffic in the San Francisco Bay area. The mountain passes can and do get closed during winter storms. You need to carry chains over the passes when it's snowing and I've heard that most car rentals don't allow you to use chains. :(


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    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forums.

    Driving from LV to Tahoe is around 500 miles, one full long day on the road. You would need to check beforehand as to whether there are any weather related restrictions along the route.

    From Tahoe to SF is just over 200 miles, or about 4 - 5 hours, depending once again, on weather and traffic.

    For me, I would definitely drive. With all the hassle and security for air travel these days, it could take a lot of your day, and you will miss out on some great desert country... not to mention the experience of driving in America. LOL

    While you are in Las Vegas, I would highly recommend you take a day trip to Death Valley, a landscape like no other. And in February you will not have the extreme heat, for which Death Valley is so famous.


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    Thanks for the feedback

    who is the best rental group to get a 4wd from?

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    There really isn't a point in getting a 4wd, because when the chain restrictions are in place, even 4wd's have to put them on. Snow removal in those areas is good enough where a standard front drive vehicle is fine.

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