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  1. Default Summer roadtrip: Toronto to Nova Scotia

    Hi guys,

    We are 3-4 guys looking to take a roadtrip from Toronto to Nova Scotia- specifically Cape Brenton/Cabot Trail.

    Here are the details/ challenges:

    1. We will be staying overnight at major cities - i.e Toronto > Montreal > Quebec City > (Not sure ?) > Halifax > Cabot Trail.

    2. We will be renting a car (hopefully under a 1000$ for the week) ~ most rental agencies have geographic i am not sure how to go about car rental for long distances/long

    a) Hotel or motel or camp?
    b) Drive or fly or train?
    c) Eat out or Bring own food?
    d) CAA membership?
    e) Emergency toolkit?
    f) 1 driver or 2 drivers?
    g) Recommended places to stay in those major cities?

    p.s Would a car like a Toyota corolla work in a place like Cabot Trail?

    Our budget is to be 800-1000$ per person (x 3-4)

    Any advice for first time us amateur road- trippers?

    It is our first roadtrip and we want to make the most of it!

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    Default Some 'homework' required.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I can't help with anything specifically, but I think you should start by answering some of your own questions that only you can, such as Motels or camp? drive or fly? where and what to eat? Some of this will take research and a get together of the group to discuss what will suit you all best and within your budgets. Being a road trip forum the driving option would be favoured, it's whether you can make it possible.

    Once you have nailed some of the basics down, then I am sure other members will be able to help fill in the gaps, but for now I would suggest you look around the forums and road trip planning pages in the tool bars above where you can create routes [Map centre] and get an idea of Motel and car rental costs in the 'Hotel' and 'Car' links etc.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    CAA/AAA membership? Yes. You get all sorts of maps and materials free for the asking,w ith your membership. One breakdown can make the membership pay for itself (we learned that one the hard way!).

    Emergency toolkit? Yes. Basic tools, basic first aide kit, flashlight. In this site there's a list of what should be in those toolkits, first aide kits, and somewhere in the trunk of your car.


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    Default Not just for a roadtrip

    Quote Originally Posted by DonnaR57 View Post
    Emergency toolkit? Yes. Basic tools, basic first aide kit ...
    These should be a permanent fixture in a car, not just for a roadtrip. You never know when you may need it, even if only to help someone else.


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