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    Default Overnight parking on the cheap

    Fellow travelers,

    A friend new to the RV travel lifestyle recently discovered a website claiming to be "The Most Accurate List of Free Overnight RV Parking in the US". He reports his checking out of a small sampling of the listed sites in the PA/MD/DC/VA area was spot on. One must pay a fee to subscribe to the service, which is updated by on-the-road RV-ers, but the fee is < a night's camping fee most anywhere. There's a free demo screen which looks detailed and useful if it's an accurate depiction of the majority of the data on the site.

    Although listed for RVers, seems as though non-RVers might also avail themselves of these facilities. These are apparently places to SLEEP for the night, not campsites where one drops the awning and sets up the grill and camp chairs in a circle.

    Check 'em out at this web site.

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    Default $25 seems a bit questionable

    Some of the places suggested seem iffy to me. $25 per year for this service might be fine. It's great getting the recommendation from your friend. I'd sure like some detail on how many times he used this service and any sort of comments about the accuracy.

    The sample PDF file they provide on the site has no updates on locations newer than summer 2010. Jim O'Brient is the guy who started this service in 2007. Back then he used to charge $18 per year.

    But perhaps this really is a great service.

    Mostly I'd just like some confirmation about how recent any updates have been done.


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    I have to agree that $25 seems like a pretty big premium for information that's just not too hard to find or figure out for free. Since I'm not an RVer, maybe I'm misjudging how easy it is to figure out where to park for free, but just casually observing it has never looked like it would be a challenge at all.

    I do like the disclaimer that people are supposed to delete any information they downloaded if they allow the subscription to expire.

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    Default Ethics?

    $25 probably seems 'cheap' to those who rarely leave the interstates and mostly stay at the well advertised commercial places. But a little bit of snooping around, as one drives the local roads soon turns up legal places to stay. The one thing which put me off on the home page was the yellow places, 'not legal but rarely enforced' (or words to that effect). I have an inane objection to the encouragement to flout the law.

    And besides, The Trucker's Friend is $15, and truck stops are (just about) everywhere!


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    I would worry about just how safe it is to park in a store parking lot. Even one that might look like it's in a good neighborhood/area, might not be so safe. True, you're (hopefully) locked up in your trailer or MH, but ...

    Lifey, I didn't see the "not legal but rarely enforced" comment on the home page of the site. Hmmm...

    I do know that our Wal-Mart, Home Depot and CostCo all have signs up that say "No camping." Yet, if someone stays overnight, but doesn't put out the awning and dig out the BBQ grill, they don't object.

    During the fires of 2003 and 2007, those lots were jammed full of residents from other communities that had been evacuated. Home Depot put out a white RV hose and encouraged the evacuated folks to bring themselves water. Our local city hall brought up flyers that told about our city's sewer dump (normally $5) that would be free to evacuated RV'ers. The stores didn't really mind during 2007, if the BBQ's and awnings came out, as long as it was done with discretion. But this is rather unusual - - most of us felt very bad for the evacuated.

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    Default Oooops!! my mistake

    Quote Originally Posted by DonnaR57 View Post
    Lifey, I didn't see the "not legal but rarely enforced" comment on the home page of the site. Hmmm...
    It is in the demo link.

    Am still half asleep. LOL


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