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    I am planning a road trip to vegas from houston then shooting down to San Diego to see family. My thoughts are that If I leave a day or 2 early I can squeez in grand canyon, painted desert, and peptrified forrest.
    here are the plans i have so far
    Leave July 8 Friday at 8am and make it to amarillo around 8pm
    then I am lost-I am thinking I40 to albaquerque or flagstaff non-stop how much time?
    Rest in flagstaff and then hit the Grand Canyon
    My check-in at Vegas is Sunday the 10th after 4pm. Help I need to figure this out!

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    Leave July 8 Friday at 8am and make it to amarillo around 8pm
    Good start but that's a long day of 600 miles.

    July 9: Amarillo to Holbrook with a detour to Painted Desert and Petrified Forest is 590 miles so that makes for a really long day but I'm not sure there is anywhere just before the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest to find lodging.

    July 10 Holbrook to Flagstaff then north on Hwy 89 north to Cameron, then Hwy 64 into the Grand Canyon and make your way stopping at the over looks until you reach the Grand Canyon Village then continue south on Hwy 64 to Williams and I-40 and Hwy 93 to Las Vegas. This day is approx 475 miles and will be another really long day.

    If you could leave one day sooner, you could have some room to relax and enjoy the parks you will be visiting other wise you are looking at three days of mostly driving approx 1665 miles .


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    Yes, you can make it to Flagstaff in two days, if all you do is drive at a steady pace (with reasonable breaks for food, fuel, rest rooms, and an occasional mental/health break) for about 12 hours each of those two days. But that means no meaningful stops at Petrified Forest or anyplace else en route. And that would be a shame. Also note that Amarillo is actually out of your way. The most efficient route is through Lubbock and Clovis to join I-40 at Santa Rosa, NM


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    The most efficient route is through Lubbock and Clovis to join I-40 at Santa Rosa, NM
    You sure about that? Streets & Trips recommends I-45 to US-287 to Amarillo.

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