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    Default Bags and other Gear

    We've been running a widget displaying some products that we wanted road trippers and other other travelers to know about. But it's recently come to my attention that perhaps you can't see this widget if you're using ad blocking software (and we were using the ad server to display the widget) so I'm going to mention some of those products here. But if you can see the advertising placements we run on this site, the widget will appear on variable pages on the right-hand side of the page and it features ~ 10 of the newest custom-designed Mautto products...

    The Taylor: Large Messenger Travel Bag. Just about perfect for carrying maps, cameras, gps, and other gear that you want to be able to grab easily when getting out of the car. It has a nifty built-in water bottle compartment since you should always carry water you when you leave your vehicle.

    "...The inside is fully lined in an olive green colored cotton/polyester fabric that has a water proof backing. There is an open pocket at one side that easily holds a 1 liter water bottle, a convenient quick snap key fob and one large zipper pocket..."

    Tote Bags: I don't see photos of the two types of bags I use on just about every road trip I embark upon, but she makes some very durable tote bags that I use for stowing my boots, shoes and assorted gear.

    Here's more information about her company

    Disclosure: The designer and manufacturer of these products is my sister-in-law, Lynette Sedenquist. Her firm is Mautto and RTA receives no compensation of any kind ...... (except that she bakes AMAZING pies and once every 4-5 years I get to have a slice).
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  2. Default Travel Bags

    Thanks Mark ~ Everyone should know that this bag can be made in your own choice of leather and lining and hardware. Mark, I owe you a whole pie!!

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    Okay, I admit it. I clicked on the link expecting to see ugly offense. (You know, seeing things through the "family obligation goggles"--like beer goggles only with more guilt)

    But wow, you have some really nice stuff there. You're really talented Lynette!

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    "...The inside is fully lined in an olive green colored cotton/polyester fabric that has a water proof backing. There is an open pocket at one side that easily holds a 1 liter water bottle, a convenient quick snap key fob and one large zipper pocket..."
    wow,this is one nice bag. the functionality is great plus it really looks good too
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    I'm impressed ! As above I was expecting some cheap bags that would last for 1 trip. These look great. Thanks for the link.

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    Am new to this site.
    I recently signed-on as a part-time fleet-car driver, i.e. when folks get a company car as part of their job/compensation, I'm one of the people who delivers it to them when they start, or picks it up when they quit. Jobs can be as near as 10-15 miles from home, or across country.
    A GPS unit is mandatory, and pick-up/delivery duties can involve changing plates, scraping labels from windows, and minor mechanical checks, so I needed a bag that could hold some small tools, license plates, wipes and neoprene gloves, my GPS and mounting clips, phone-charger, power-bank, tablet and charger, legal-size clipboard, travel-sized office supplies, e.g. pens, stapler, scissors, etc, a removable rear-view mirror/dashcam combo unit, a 12 VDC splitter, a USB-to-12VDC plug, a razor-bladed window scraper, an ice-scraper, and a few personal items, e.g. sunglasses, ear-plugs, etc.
    Not to take away from the bag mentioned above, but what I found works pretty well for me is a large, professional-sized camera bag; the kind that's meant to hold one or more DSLRs and some spare lenses, and can stand-up to frequent transfers/movement, occasional bad weather, and the inevitable bumps and bangs that can happen.

    The one I decided on is padded, opens easily, has cordura nylon outside, (re-)movable velcro-and-padded dividers to create compartments inside, a large zippered pocket in the front, 2 internal zippered mesh pockets, a strong shoulder strap, and an attached, roll-up/fold-in weather-resistant cover, and it was less than 1/2 the price of the one shown above. Granted, it's not leather, but I needed easy access, durability, and utility more than appearance. It's a bit larger than what my coworkers carry, but none of them carry the extent of equipment and gadgets that I do. I spent days searching the web for the "perfect" bag for my needs, and this comes close. If I had my 'druthers, I'd make a few changes, but bag-making is not my forte.

    For 1-day trips I take only that bag, fully loaded; for over/multi-night trips, I take that and a backpack with clothes, toiletries, drinks, and food.

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