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    Default Denver to New York City

    My girlfriend and I are going to be arriving in Denver, Colorado August 19th and we have only 7-10 days to get to New York City. We have recently gone to Mount Rushmore & Yellowstone, so passing through the North is really not something that we want to do. We would like to stop in St. Louis, but it isn't necessary... are there any nice stops between Denver & St. Louis? Where would you recommend stopping between St. Louis & New York City?

    Thanks for your advice in advance!

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    DEN to STL is a very easy 2 day drive - with the halfway point being around Salina KS.

    STL to NYC is a full 2 days drive, fastest route is I-70/I-71/I-76/I-80, with the halfway point being around Mansfield/Ashland OH.

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    Thanks! Are there any nice sights to see along that route?

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    Denver to St Louis, via I-70, is a road I'm very familiar with. The east side of Colorado is a gentle slope downhill, heading eastward, with good freeway. Same with I-70 in Kansas, on the west side. Last year, there was a good place to eat at Oakley, KS exit 70, Colonial Steakhouse. We've eaten there many times over the years, and the food is always good. The last time we were through was last July. Kansas is rolling freeway, often with trees, corn or grain fields on either side of the freeway.

    I-70 through Missouri is another matter, about road conditions. It's always a busy freeway, at any time of the day or night. Because of this, they don't often have time to fix things. When they do, it really ties up the freeway. The good news is, they usually don't do this for long stretches at a time. The scenery is typical Missouri - trees and farmers' fields. Columbia is another place with a wide variety of places to eat, if you're hungry. Good gasoline stop is about 20 miles after Columbia, at Kingdom City. There are lots of truck stops there and as a result, they vie for each other regarding prices. (Kingdom City is where US 54 crosses I-70.) The next good gasoline prices will be down at Warrenton.

    If you stay in St Louis, you will probably do best if you cross the river and stay on the Illinois side. If you are departing eastbound on a weekday morning, you'll want to be going the opposite direction of the traffic!

    Things to see from there:

    Springfield IL - all the Abraham Lincoln history: courthouse, tomb, his home, and nearby is New Salem (recreation of his boyhood home).

    Dayton OH - all the Wright Bros flight history, plus the National Museum of the AF at Wright-Patterson AFB. (The nice thing about that? It's huge and it's free!)

    Pennsylvania has all sorts of state parks. Hershey PA - home of Hershey's Chocolate and their empire. Not far off the track is Gettysburg PA (just SW of Harrisburg).

    We will be driving the opposite direction, during July. We'll be going from NJ to the western terminus of I-70. We are stopping Gettysburg and Dayton by choice, though that OH town that a previous poster mentioned is accurate. We are driving from Dayton to central MO in one day - about 450 miles.


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    Default Nice?

    Quote Originally Posted by spreerod1538 View Post
    Are there any nice sights to see along that route?
    It is a subjective word, and you would find very few folk agreeing on what is 'nice'.

    So what do you see as nice? Once we know that, the suggestions put forward could be more specific to your liking.

    Meanwhile check out the roadside attractions (green bar above) and see if there is anything there which catches your interest.

    Another resource is these forums. Use the forum search (also on the green bar) and put in key words to read about areas along the way, which may interest you. Most places have been discussed on forum, and you may just stumble upon exactly what is up your alley.

    And read so much more about how others have done it.


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