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    Default US 287 short cut: Ft Collins to Laramie; I-670 (alt I-70) in Kansas City


    With the Missouri River flooding cutting me off of my favored route to Utah and points beyond next week, I'm now routing to Denver and on up to I-80 after crossing Kansas on I-70.

    It's been +30 years since I took the US 287 cut-off from Ft Collins to Laramie and I wonder what that's like on the Ft Collins end nowadays: a chain of stoplights and malls through Suburbia, a full-scale limited access highway, or some mix of the two? It appears I'd take CO 14 west from I-25 and link to US 287, but even that's not entirely clear. Anybody who's been through there in recent times is encouraged to comment.

    Back in the Kansas City area, I don't think the I-670 link existed the last time I went through there, which I think was on my honeymoon RoadTrip in 1978. It appears I-670 shortcuts a northerly loop in old I-70 and crosses the Kansas River a few miles upstream from the Missouri River, but unless it's elevated above the floodplain, perhaps the arrival of the crest of the current flood event can cause problems. I have not been able to find any reference to flood closure potential on either I-670 or I-70, hopefully because each crossing is elevated and there is no such potential. Any commentary there welcomed, too.

    Looking forward to getting back on the road and adding a new state to my list: Nevada. We'll take in a day of the Silver State Stampede (rodeo) in Elko on the way up through Idaho to Montana. Could be epic!


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    Default From Memory

    Hi Foy,

    On my last visit, I stayed at Ft Collins, and went out that way... but not far. From memory... and we know how reliable that is these days... it is somewhat limited access, as I recall having to go on a ramp, at least at the I-25 end. Where I went I am pretty sure it was all suburbia, cause I recall going to a supermarket out that way. I did not get any further than where it intersects with 1.

    Just as well I have all that marked in the atlas, otherwise I could not have known. LOL


    p.s. when you get back, tell me if I am wrong - lol

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    Flooding will not be an issue in KC, but construction will be. I'd take the full southern bypass - at Independence/Lee's Summit take I-470 to I-435. This piles on quite a few miles, but the so-called "downtown loop" in KC is in the midst of a major improvement and reconstruction project. It's a zoo down there - sharp curves, lanes appearing and disappearing, and a lot of left hand entrances and exits. Several ramps are closed too.

    I have never taken it, but my map shows that K-10 would be a "shortcut" back to I-70 from I-435, but my map (2007) does show that it dumps you off in Lawrence with no express link to I-70.

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    Default Glad I asked!

    You know how I am about urban congestion! Hate it, hate it, hate it. Did I mention I hate it?

    The I-470/435 southern loop does not appear to add terribly to the miles (8-10 or so, where I-70 droops southwest on the KS side of the border, anyway), but I agree the K-10 expressway to Lawrence seems to leave you hanging with a short suburban bushwhack back to I-70. I have only my 2002 atlas here at the office, so hopefully the 2010 at home gives more detail and more encouragement.

    I have tentative arrangements to see some clients in Nashville, TN on the way out. Otherwise, I'd be a little tempted to strike up through WV to KY, IN, IL, and IA to Omaha, avoiding the bit of extra distance and the whole of the Mighty Mo flood debacle. There appears to be a good smattering of multi-mile lane closures across KS on I-70, too. Probably need to stick to my Nashville plan, however, and that means STL to KC to DEN, come heck or high water.

    Thanks George!


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