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    Default Las Vegas to Gold Beach, OR

    i see google maps it is a 16 hour drive, is it crazy to do in one day, two people switching off driving

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    Default It will take an overnight stop......... programs do not need sleep etc.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Yes it is crazy to drive it in one day. Firstly there is no way a human could cover that distance in the time offered by a computer. They are fortunate in that they don't need to rest, fill with gas, eat and go to the bathroom, never mind other real world inconveniences such as other traffic and construction delays. Simply put, to do this trip safely and in a manner that is anything other than 'gruelling', you will need an overnight stop. I wouldn't figure on making it any further than the 600 mile mark on day one, and if you can spare two full days and enjoy the ride, look at staying half distance. Having two people is of no help either, because when one is sleeping in the small hours of the morning when the body is used to sleeping, the driver will be left alone with no one to keep an eye on how they are coping.

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    Default Las Vegas to to oregon coast and california coast

    So here is my plan leave on wednesday from las vegas, nv drive to Gold beach oregon, spend one day there, and go on the rogue river tour, then we want to drive down the oregon coast into california we want to go to napa, san francisco, and monterrey, and then head back home to Vegas. Now my question is we have from this wednesady to next thursday that we have to be back home, so is this to much or is it possible, i mean of course we want to sight see.

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    Default Doable, but a lot of driving in a little over a week

    You're looking at 2,000 miles, or at least 5-6 days just driving.

    LV to Gold Beach will be two really long days. That accounts for 2 of your 9 days (I'm assuming Wed-Thur inclusive.

    From Gold Beach you'll need one overnight (jet boat will run into the late afternoon) in Northern California (somewhere between Crescent City and Eureka), so day 3.

    Getting into the Napa/San Fran area from that far north is another full day driving; day 4.

    From Monterey to Las Vegas is another full full day driving, so call that day 5. That leaves you about 3-4 days in the Napa/San Francisco/Monterrey area.

    More than 50% of your trip is transit time; but that may work for you.

    Also: if you're going to spend two days getting to Gold Beach, during the height of the tourist season, I'd make boat reservations before I left.

    P.S. I'm currently planning a trip up that way, so you may want to keep an eye out for my posting later today or this week in case I say something useful. Note there is a lot to see up in Northern California and Southern Oregon that you will not be able to squeeze into this schedule.
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