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  1. Default CT to Yosemite... and back, NEED some ideas

    hi i am planning a long road trip with a buddy starting out in CT and heading for Yosemite and back. neither of us have been on a road trip this long, so i could really use some ideas, as far as what highways/routes, amount of $, places to see, camping areas, etc. I was planning on taking a more north/central route there, and more southern on the way back. i do want to try to take the more scenic routes, since we are big outdoor, nature buffs and a major highway all the way there would drive me crazy lol. we will be driving straight through till about Nebraska to try to save some time, since we both have been to PA, OH, IN, and IL, and just want to hurry and get out west. So any ideas to save time, money and just make the best of our time would be very helpful!! thanks

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    Default Deadly game !!

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    A lot of this stuff you just need to do a little digging around costing things up and work on what it is between A and B is that appeals to you. State parks and forestry lands are usually the best value, add that to the National park camping and it should keep all "nature buffs" happy. Until you have got some dots on the map and worked out your mileage for gas consumption and how long you will be on the road for, it's going to be tough to work out a budget. Obviously cooking your own meals will save money and those costs won't be a lot different from if you were shopping at home. If you plan on visiting a number of National parks the $80 annual pass could make sense.

    Now for the important stuff !! If you want to get to Yosemite at all, scrap your plans to drive "straight through to Nebraska". Not only will it be counter productive it will be suicidal !! If the gods were smiling on you and you made it, you would be too exhausted and unable to continue and would wreck the other 75% of your journey out an back. Don't look to travel any more than 600 miles in a day, on days you are not sight seeing. That is around the maximum we recommend on multi day trips and it will help to keep you fresh and alert and make the trip bearable. To think you are different to everyone else who needs rest would be to play a deadly game, and the statistics show how many losers there are.

    Have a look around the forums and road trip planning pages above and when you have figured some bit's out and got some dots on the map etc we can help fill in the gaps.

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    thanks for the advice! as for the driving straight through, it will not be on just one person, it will be split up. one person sleeps while one drives, than change it up. that was our plan but if you think it might be risky than changing the plans wont hurt

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    Having multiple drivers will not allow you to safely driving non-stop to Nebraska.

    The reality is that just sitting in a car for hours at a time is draining, and trying to sleep sitting in a car will not give you the real rest needed to be an alert and safe driver.

    Additionally, if there are only two of you, having one person sleeping while the other drives is also fairly risky. Its simply going to make it that much more likely that the driver also drifts off - since there is no one engaging in conversation and making sure they are staying awake. Its one of those things where its not a big deal if a passenger drifts off for a nap while in the the afternoon, but if you are trying to push yourselves and drive through the middle of the night when your body thinks it should be sleeping, having someone sleeping in the next seat is not going to help you stay awake!

    Plus, as Dave mentioned, doing such a thing is very counter-productive. Even if you did make it out west alive, you'd both be exausted and would both be on different sleep schedules, severely throwing off your ability to have fun for several days.

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    yea you do have a point there. i def want to have a safe, drive of course so im sure a little re-planning and adjusting would do the trick to make it as safe a trip as possible. Do you guys have any rough idea of a time frame for this whole trip? i would like to keep it under a 3 1/2 weeks? is this do-able?

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    You will have about 10 days of driving out and back taking a direct route. If you allowed 10 days in each direction you will have plenty of time for sight seeing while taking a different route each way. With 3.5 weeks that would leave you 4 days or so in Yosemite, but of course you can juggle that how you want to, to best suit you. You could take 5 day run getting there along I80 and come back through Arizona [Grand canyon/ Monument valley] and perhaps visit some of the other great NP's of Utah [Zion, Bryce, Arches, Canyonlands] and Colorado [ Mesa Verde, Black canyon, Rocky mountain NP] or you would have about another million and one options available to you.

    Keep researching and as you move along with your planning just keep asking questions.

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    thanks for the help and ideas! still have a lot of homework to do

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    The middle of CT to the middle of NE is around 1500 miles. Doing it SAFELY takes 3 days. Doing it straight through is over 24 hours. If you have 3.5 weeks, why risk your lives and exhaust yourselves trying to save less than 2 days?

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    with 2 people i didn't feel that it was going to be too bad considering i have driven to Florida before with 2 people and that was a 21 hour drive straight through. saving 2 days might not sound like much but when there is soo much you want to see, im sure you will want every single day you can get. its not like i would be pushing the envelope here and dozing off while still trying to drive down the road. once you get to that point, it would be stupid to keep on going. it was just an idea to save some time ppl.

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    Default That's far too late!

    Quote Originally Posted by jmmass3264 View Post
    Once you get to that point, it would be stupid to keep on going.
    Once you get to that point, you are well beyond fit for driving. Do as the experienced travellers above have suggested, and limit both your mileage and time in the car, every day. It is the only successful way to have a most enjoyable, and above all, safe trip.


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