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    We really want to take a road trip across the U.S. starting in L.A. CA and I would like to end up at a nice Florida beach. Miami seems too far for 2 weeks so I think Pensacola is the best bet. Is two weeks enough time to make it there and back and still have time to do some site seeing in San Antonio, TX and New Orleans, LA? We also have people to stay with in those two areas. What would be the best time of spring/summer to go? I'm thinking September. We have taken road trips up the coast of CA and to Las Vegas but this would be the first long journey out of state. Also any ideas on the cost for a trip like this?
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    For a safe trip going all the way across the country like that, you're talking about spending 5 days going EACH, 10 days of your two weeks. That's doing 500-600 mi per day, because it's about 3000 miles from coast to coast, maybe a few hundred closer going "only" to Pensacola. That's also with no time at either San Antonio or N.O. for sightseeing. If it were me, I'd think 3 weeks minimum to go that far across country, 4 weeks a pleasure.

    I know Texas has some beautiful beaches along the gulf - Padre Island comes to mind first - and then you'd have time to visit friends in N.O. or San Antonio, or probably both.

    Just food for thought...


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    Default Doable, but you need to decide

    Hi, and Welcome to the RTA Forums.

    That looks quite doable. At 2000 miles each way, you are looking at four days driving - around 8 - 9 hours each day. That would leave you six days on the beach. Only you can decide if that is long enough for you. Of course, making sightseeing stopovers / visiting friends along the way, will eat into your beach time.

    The best time to go, is the time that suits you best.

    As for calculating the cost... the fuel calculator on this site will help estimate those costs. The hotels link above will allow you to check out accommodation costs. On top of that, check out the roadtrip planning pages, and the wider resources of RTA.

    Enjoy the planning.


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