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  1. Default Honeymoon Road Trip 8 weeks from LA to New York and Canada

    Having been to Vegas recently with family were we got engaged and spend a few days in LA, we are keen to spend our Honeymoon next year travelling 8 weeks through the USA and Canada, my partner wants to see as much as possible. I have tried to limit driving to 5-6 hours max a day

    We have been told it is cheaper to fly in and out of Hawaii from Australia than any other part of the US.

    Day 1 Honolulu
    Day 2 Honolulu
    Day 3 Hilo 0.75 (flying) Fly to Hilo from Honolulu
    Day 4 Hilo
    Day 5 LA 6.25 (flying) Fly to LA from Hilo Via Honolulu
    Day 6 LA Visit Santa Monica Pier & Venice Beach
    Day 7 LA Visit Disneyland
    Day 8 LA Visit Disneyland
    Day 9 LA Visit sights of LA
    Day 10 Yosemite 4.5 (driving)
    Day11 Yosemite Visit National Park
    Day 12 Las Vegas 5 (driving)
    Day 13 Las Vegas Visit sights of Las Vegas
    Day 14 Grand Canyon 3 (driving) Visit Grand Canyon
    Day 15 Albuquerque 5.5 (driving)
    Day 16 Amarillo 4 (driving)
    Day 17 Dallas 5.5 (driving)
    Day 18 Dallas Visit sights of Dallas
    Day 19 Houston 6 (driving)
    Day 20 Houston Visit sights of Houston
    Day 21 New Orleans 5.5 (driving)
    Day 22 New Orleans Visit sights of New Orleans
    Day 23 Tallahassee 5.5 (driving)
    Day 24 Orlando 4.5 (driving)
    Day 25 Orlando Visit Disneyworld
    Day 26 Orlando Visit Disneyworld
    Day 27 Orlando
    Day 28 Orlando Visit Discovery Cove
    Day 29 Orlando Visit Sea World
    Day 30 Orlando Visit Universal Studios
    Day 31 Orlando Visit Universal's Island of Adventure
    Day 32 Orlando
    Day 33 St.Augustine 2 (driving) Visit Kennedy Space Centre
    Day 34 Charleston 4 (driving)
    Day 35 Raleigh 4 (driving)
    Day 36 Washington 5 (driving)
    Day 37 Niagara Falls 5.5 (driving)
    Day 38 Niagara Falls Visit Niagara Falls
    Day 39 New York 5.5 (driving)
    Day 40 New York Visit sights of New York
    Day 41 New York Visit sights of New York
    Day 42 New York Visit sights of New York
    Day 43 New York Visit sights of New York
    Day 44 Calgary 5.5 (flying) Fly to Calgary from New York
    Day 45 Calgary Visit sights of Calgary
    Day 46 Calgary Visit sights of Calgary
    Day 47 Banff 1.5 (driving)
    Day 48 Banff Visit sights of Banff
    Day 49 Kamloops 5 (driving)
    Day 50 Vancouver 3.5 (driving)
    Day 51 Vancouver Visit sights of Vancouver
    Day 52 Vancouver Visit sights of Vancouver
    Day 53 Seattle 1 (flying) Fly to Seattle from Vancouver
    Day 54 Honolulu 6.5 (flying) Fly to Honolulu from Seattle
    Day 55 Honolulu Visit sights of Honolulu
    Day 56 Flight Home

    I would appreciate if anyone could let us know if we not allowing enough time visiting or driving anywhere. Or if we are missing something worth seeing.
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    Default Allow longer journey times.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    78 weeks !! [ I see that typo has been sorted now lol] I am still jealous though that you have 8 weeks to explore this great country, wonderful !

    Your travel times are hugely optimistic, or to put it another way, impossible. To get out of the heavy LA traffic and along the 2 lane mountain roads [with low speed limits] into Yosemite valley, you would have to average almost 70 mph all the way to get there in the time you estimate. Maybe with a police escort, but I doubt it. ;-) The same goes for your other times that I expect you got from a mapping program, they don't need to get fuel, eat, go to the bathroom, or have to deal with traffic congestion or road works. It's not to say you can't get to the places as you have planned, but you won't have as much time as you think when there. Generally speaking you should be able to average 57mph on a day's driving but once you hit the City or NP's and 2 lane mountain roads, it will go down considerably.

    If you could squeeze an extra night in to stop between Yosemite and Vegas I would do. The Tioga pass [CA120] heading East from Yosemite is spectacular and could take time and then you could enjoy a trip across Death valley.
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    I believe it's about 400 mi from the Grand Canyon to Albuquerque. That's about 8 hours with stops. There are two places you could spend a few hours in, at Albuquerque (depending on your interests). One is the Rio Grande State Park and Nature Center. They have a nice visitors center with a museum, then it's a short walk down to the Rio Grande River. BTW, that is a very muddy river. The other place is the Atomic Museum near Kirtland AFB. Lots of WWII history and the history of the A-bomb is covered in there. Oh, there's another park, just off Central Ave on the SW side, which is right on the Rio Grande River. We stayed at Sandia Peak Motel there, which is an older, but well-refurbished, property along Central Avenue. It's 2 miles off the freeway. It was a lovely place to stay and the price was RIGHT. It has a small indoor pool. My husband declared it wasn't much bigger than your average hot tub.

    Albuquerque to Amarillo is 272 miles (according to my AAA TripTik). That, for us, would be about a 4-1/2 or 5 hour day.

    New York a few weeks I should be posting a trip report which will include our sightseeing bits in NYC.

    Regarding the Canadian portion of the trip: We found that traffic seemed to move slower in the scenic areas. So please add quite a bit of time to your predicted drive times in Banff, Kamloops, and into Vancouver.


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    I'll add in your driving times are beyond unrealistic, but honestly, some of them are so far removed from even what a mapping program will typically provide, I have to wonder if you didn't make some larger errors.

    For example, Vegas to the Grand Canyon is a good 5 hour drive - nearly twice as much as the 3 hours you've listed. I'd think you perhaps had a program that was taking you to the west rim, but then your next trip has you going from GC to Albuquerque in 5.5 hours. From the South Rim, that's 400 miles and even Google's estimates clock that in at 7 hours. If you were starting from the West Rim, that drive would be even longer.

    As has been mentioned, there are certainly plenty of other cases where that's true, and most of these days where you are thinking you'll be driving 5-6 hours, you'll actually be looking at more like 8-10.

    Just a couple other things, You don't have plans to actually spend time in Washington DC, or really anything else on the east coast between Florida and New York?

    Also, if money is a concern at all, There are much cheaper ways to get from Vancouver to Seattle than flying (trains and buses are both options) and considering the relatively short distance, and the time it takes to get through airport security and then customs on an international flight, ground options could actually take less time.

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    I would almost have to say that you are getting kilometers and miles mixed up when calculating your drive times. Multiply all your calculated drive times by 1.6 and you will be reflecting reality.

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    Thanks guys, i had planned to to add about an 1 hour for breakfast stop and 2-3 hours for breaks and lunch for each trip. Most of the info i had was given off another website. I have used the distance calculator on here and adjusted. Thanks for the tip about the train wouldn't have thought about it and it seems like an excellent idea.

    Haven't made any plans in Washington as my partner is not interested. I want to do so many things in New York, i just hadn't listed them.

    Will continue reading other peoples threads for more ideas.

    Thanks Again

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    Thanks guys, i had planned to to add about an 1 hour for breakfast stop and 2-3 hours for breaks and lunch for each trip.
    The travel times we refer to are only with short stops along the way. If you want to add another 2-3 hours for lunch and sight seeing the day's will be longer.

    Will continue reading other peoples threads for more ideas.
    Good idea. Don't forget the other resources like the Map centre and planning sections in the tool bars above. If you are not yet booked up you can get lodging options by clicking on the 'Hotel' link.

    If you have any other questions, just ask.

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