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  1. Default Two days along highway 1 - hotel booking needed?

    We're two people doing a classic roadtrip around California + Grand Canyon and LV. We will be driving highway 1 from San Francisco to San Diego with two overnight stays (15-16th of July) along the way. Would you recommend booking hotels, or would it be easy to find a decent hotel/motel/b&b for a maximum of 150 USD per night? We have booked every hotel for the rest of our trip, but were hoping to be more spontaneous on this part of the trip.

    Any advice and recommendations appreciated!

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    Default Only because it's so nice,...........

    ............I'd consider one booking in particular.

    Hello Flakierska,

    My wife and I were smitten with the little town of Cambria, just below San Simeon and north of Morro Bay. A row of little motels, bars, and restaurants lie along the landward side of what must be an old section of the PCH, with a walkway on the ocean side atop a low bluff. A rocky beach with rocky points at each end forms a natural surfing break, so surfers are doing their thing when the swell is nice.

    Cambria is the first village of any size below the commanding and isolated section of mountain coast between Monterey and Morro Bay. Big Sur is in that segment, but our impressions of Big Sur was of a fairly spread-out community somewhat away from and far above the ocean. The ocean at Cambria, on the other hand, is at the front doorstep of the town. Cambria would also be a logical stopping point at the end of a leisurely day's drive from SF, a drive including many stops at the dozens and dozens of pull-outs along the southbound side of the PCH.

    Farther down, particularly from Santa Barbara onward, you're in the heavily-populated section of Southern California, where you are likely to be in position to wing it in terms of overnight accomodations.

    Enjoy your RoadTrip!


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    Default I have fond memories of Cayucos

    Like Foy, above, I have found memories of another coastal town. Cayucos is a small village with less expensive lodging choices, a nice pier and friendly folks. Here are some of the places you can book with the RTA Reservations service. We only have an agreement with one place actually in Cayucos, but the others are nearby in Morro Bay. I can't remember the name of the place I stayed, but it was right on the beach and was pretty lovely and not very expensive.

    I'd also recommend this little guide by Sara Benton -- It's not expensive and I've used it find all sorts of amazing places. And if you like wine tasting.... his one is the best book I've ever found for California's Central Coast area.

    And personally, I like looking for lodging I've not pre-booked... except in those situations like Foy mentions where there is an extra special place to stay.

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    Thánk you so much for your advice! Both Cambria and Cayucos sound like great options!

    The guide book by Sara Benson is great, we've already used it a lot, but thanks for the tip!

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