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  1. Default Need Route Home from Jackson, WY to Grand Rapids, MI - Have 4 Days!

    We are taking a 2 week trip out west for the first time with our 4 kids (14, 12, 11 and 8 y.o.) We will be starting out in Omaha visiting family, then South Dakota (Custer State Park) for 3 days and then Yellowstone and Grand Teton area for the next 7 days. question is:

    Does anyone have a different recommended route home instead of driving through Nebraska and South Dakota that may be more scenic even if it adds a few more hours to our trip. Is it worth it to go through North Dakota and Minnesota? Any must see stops that we aren't hitting on the way out as mentioned above?


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    Default The old highways

    Hi and Welcome to the RTA forums.

    One of the best suggestions I read recently, when someone else asked a similar question, is to look at the old highways which run (vaguely) parallel with the Interstates. So get out your maps or atlas (not the gps), and check which one appeals to you most. There are several to choose from. Benefit is, that if you find you are running a bit behind time, the Interstate is never far away. And of course, this goes for ND, SD and NE.

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    I have one suggestion - if you don't take it on the way in to Yellowstone, take the Beartooth Highway out. This is US-212 that runs from the northeast entrance to I-90 near Billings. This is one of the greatest scenic drives in the country.

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    Default Considerations Besides Scenery

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If you intend to get back to Grand Rapids (Were you in the video?) in three days, then you are pretty much constrained to the northern plains states, and at least a good portion of that three days will be on the Interstates. A "few hours" just doesn't buy you much. However, you can get the advantages of making a loop trip and using different roads out and back. Since you'll be using I-90 on the way west, take I-80 on the return leg. Not only is this the most efficient route from Jackson, but it also has great scenery on the Jackson to Cheyenne leg, follows the old Oregon Trail along the Platte River in Nebraska, and gives access to several old cavalry forts, pony express stations, and other venues of interest to small children. Also be sure not to over tax their ability to sit quietly strapped into the car, but plan to make several several short stops en route to let them blow off some steam.


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