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    I am planning a solo summer cross country trip, starting from New York to Vancouver, BC and return by way of San Francisco, Los Angles back to New York. I am estimating 4 to 6 weeks for the trip between mid July/August 2011. I would appreciate suggestions on routes which will include some major attractions, like Yellowstone, etc.

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    Default More information please

    Hi and Welcome to the RTA Forums.

    You will have to start with putting some dots on the map first, as to what your interests are. There are far too many options, and without any knowledge about you or what you want to get out of this trip, no-one is going to be able to help you at the moment.

    When you have something laid out, feel free to come back with specific questions. Someone will be able to help you.


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    Default Planning is part of the fun !

    As Lifey noted, there are just too many options on a trip that takes you across country twice over a 4 to 6 weeks period. To help you get some dots on the map, take a look around the forums [you can use the search function to cover specific areas] and use all the RTA road trip planning resources above, like the Map centre where you can create routes and find attractions. Plannings half the fun, and designing your own journey is what makes the road trip a special and individual thing.

    Of course, once you have the foundations of your trip set, we can help fill in the blanks and suggest 'tweaks' that will help you to get the best from it.

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    Default Fill in the pieces

    We know that you want to go to Yellowstone - so part of your planning should be to decide how much time you want to spend there. You could take the "quick" route and just pass through in a single day, or spend several days there exploring the sights.

    Do you want to stick mostly to natural areas? No, it doesn't appear so, as you've mentioned some very large cities in your post. What draws you to those areas, besides the fact that "they are there?"

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