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    Default Calculated Route Problem?

    I'm doing something wrong.

    After adding all the custom places to a map and saving it, I get an error message "Calculated route was not found" and the map is blank.

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    Default I'm checking the DB now

    Are you looking at this program from a work computer by any chance?

    We've never had this happen to anyone we knew before, we've seen the bug pop up -- but could never reproduce here in the RTA Map Lab. We think it's caused by some sort of internet connection issue.

    I check the database and found that your first route saved fine -- but when you made it a map (after you added the custom places, it was unable to properly save the map).

    I was able to "fix" this issue -- but we'd really like to know if you can remember what steps you did that led to the initial error.

    I see you've created a new map, that doesn't seem to have this problem. Did you do anything different this time?

    By the way, the map that you created the first time, (fixed here) doesn't seem to exactly follow your driven route. By using waypoints you can create a map that EXACTLY reproduces your route....

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    Default We've added some new code....

    We think that the additional code will help us diagnose this problem if it re-occurs. I hope members will post and/or tell us if they are seeing odd things...


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