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    Hi there

    I am planning a three week trip May 2012 (lots of time to save the pennies). I want to start in Vegas, visit Yosemite, San Fran and travel the coast right down and end with a few days lazing on the beach in Mexico.

    Any advice on the following would be gratefully received?

    Not sure whether to drive from Las Vegas to Yosemite and then on to San Fran
    or Fly from Las Vegas to San Fran, spend a couple of days in San Fran and then take a detour drive to Yosemite, then drive back to the coast stopping at a few places on the way down to LA? Obviously time is a bit short, hence thinking about flying Las Vegas to San Fran.

    Any recommendations on overnight stops from San Fran to LA? Currently considering San Luis Obispo, Carmel, Cumbria, Solvang... options are endless but we've got 2-3 days to do this and I want to see as much as I can!

    Any recommended places to visit between LA and San Deigo or should we just drive direct? Obviously it's not very far, just don't want to miss anything?

    Is there anything we need to consider crossing to Mexico? ID wise it is just passport?

    Finally, a recommendation on a good beach town in mexico - we will be flying back to the Uk from there and want a bit of luxury so we can make sure we feel like we've had a holiday not just a sight seeing trip?

    We can't wait to make this trip so any advice will be so useful!



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    Between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the first stop that comes to mind is the Hearst Castle. It's on my list of things to see/do. It's near San Luis Obispo. You have several other great ideas there - - Carmel and Solvang especially.

    Between the LA mess and San Diego, there is San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano. At SJC, there is one of the old original-13 missions that helped form California. It's an interesting way to spend a half day or so. Along the freeway there are several good state beaches. There's a vista point with a great ocean view. You also cross a great expanse of Camp Pendleton, one of the largest Marine Corps bases in California. Have someone keep an eye out as you cross it - sometimes you get great views of military equipment and exercises. From mid-LA mess to San Diego is about 2-1/2 hours, in good traffic conditions.

    Someone else will have to advise you about Mexico. Though we've lived here in San Diego County for almost 30 years, we never go south of the border. I will add, however, that if you are renting a car, most rental companies will not allow you to take it across the border.

    We have great beaches here in Southern California if all you're looking for in Mexico are beaches.


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    Default Great US Beaches

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'd strongly recommend you skip your idea of going to Mexico.

    First, as was mentioned, you won't be able to take a rental car across the border. Rental Policies simply don't allow it. If you wanted to cross the border, you'd have to walk or bus. US citizens only need a passport, and I think that's also true for those from the UK, but you'd have to double check.

    But more importantly the amount of violence in Mexico right now, especially near the border, simply makes travel across the southern border dangerous. Police and Drug Cartels are at war with each other and thousands of people have died in the cross-fire. The only way I'd head to a Mexican beach is if I was flying to a resort town like Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, and even that has some risk, just not as much as being new the border. Maybe that will change by next year, but this has already been going on for a few years with no end in sight.

    Here are some good recommendations and ideas for California beaches.

    I will say for your Yosemite leg, I'd just drive, as it will allow you to also see Death Valley and other things along the way, and when you factor in the time to fly to SF, you won't really save that much time. The one think you'll have to watch for is if Tioga Pass will be open. It typically opens in late may or june, but it depends upon the season (It just opened last week this year).

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