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    Default Cary, NC to Redding, CA, seven days, ideas?

    Hey everyone, I've enjoyed reading this forum, very helpful indeed! We are headed to Redding, CA from Cary, NC. We will have seven days to get there in a minivan with three kids, ages 9, 7 &4. My husband wants to go I-70 and stop at a water park in Missouri. I want to stop in CA at the Redwood Forests, San Fran for the bridge and trolley. Other than that are there some nice NPs we can stop at along the way? I'd like to check out the Grand Canyon but wasn't sure if that would be out of the way. We are not well traveled so excuse me if I sound unsure :) Thanks!

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    I-70 has its plusses - we've driven it quite a few times between Missouri and its western terminus in Utah. It's beautiful through western Colorado and in Utah between Green River and Salina. That's our favorite part of the trip.

    Seven days is not much to go cross country. With kids in the car, you'll use 5 of them to cross the country. You will be lucky to be able to take a day in San Francisco to see the Golden Gate, cable cars, and Muir Woods (redwoods) before heading for Redding (which is 215 miles or so from San Francisco).

    What water park does hubby want to go to, in Missouri? Just curious! (If it's at Six Flags, that's not on I-70. It's on I-44. If it's the one at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, bear in mind that it's about 20 miles north of I-70, along I-435).



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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Is this trip because you are moving? If so, I'd probably skip the California ideas for now, and save them for a short trip in the future.

    If you're going through Missouri, then the Grand Canyon would probably be a bit too far for a detour, but you'd have lots of great parks you could explore in CO and UT. Or, on the flip side, if you wanted to see the Grand Canyon as a priority, you could build your trip around I-40, and simply find a different waterpark somewhere closer to that route.

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    Default North Rim

    Have you considered the oft neglected, but just as spectacular North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It would be nowhere near as much of a detour.

    I much prefer the North Rim. Much quieter, less crowded with some spectacular views of the Colorado River. It also has a lodge, camping areas and a great visitor centre along with a souvenir shop. All the usual touristy traps.

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