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    I am planning to go on a road trip in august. Start is in ohio and IŽd like to go either to new england or south to new orleans. (My companions and I are still undecided) We are mostly interested in scenic sights and historical places (e.g. plantation houses).

    Since this would be my first road trip in the USA (I am from europe) I would like to know if any of you have any experiences traveling there. And how far I can go in a week OR how long does it take me to travel 2.500 miles without stressing???

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A good day on the road is about 500-600 miles, so 2500 miles can be done in 5 days, but that would be days where you are doing almost nothing but driving and making a couple of very short stops.

    Obviously this entire site is filled with things about roadtripping in the US, so take a look around and the forum and other areas of the website, take that information, as well as using maps, books, and other resources to figure out what kinds of things would be most interesting to you.

    Once you've got a few more details hammered out, we'll be glad to help you work out the details.

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    I'm from the UK, and find it strange how you can cover quite large distances so much more easily in the US.

    That said, I think 2500 miles in a week is a long way. Our first roadtrip in the US, we did 1600 miles over 11 days, and then on the second we decided we could manage more and did 3000 miles over 14 days.

    However, there is more to it than simply how many miles you cover - bear in mind that driving on an interstate is boring but a very easy way to cover miles - 500 miles in a day on an interstate is easy, but on a small windy mountain road, you wouldn't want to cover anything like that distance.

    I've also found you can cope with a day with a lot of driving better if the next day has less mileage, so 500 miles one day but try to stick to less than 300 the next, and have more time out of the car seeing things.

    When you have an idea of a trip, post up your route plan and you will, no doubt, get some good advice from the members on here.

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    If you are thinking in kilometers, 500 miles is 800km. Just multiply miles or miles per hour by 1.6 to get the equivalent in km or kph.

    Depending on the state, open road Interstate highway and "motorway" type road speed limits range from 65 mph to 80 mph. They are generally lower in more built up and urban areas. Non-Interstates - like the A and B roads - are generally 55 to 70 mph in open areas, lower in built up and urban areas. Of course, it can be considerably lower on hilly and winding roads.

    A very rough way to think about it is this - you can drive 500 miles on Interstate highways in about 10 hours, including normal necessary stops - food, fuel, and bathroom - just to get from point A to point B.

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