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  1. Default NEED TIP about a road trip from Denver to NY

    we are planning a road trip leaving from denver to ny,

    the route will be most likely be
    denver-nebraska-iowa-chicago-detriot maybe- michigan-and finally ny

    please give us some ideas about the trip such as: where to stay?
    what is the best route? any specific place for touring? and any thing~

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    To give you any useful information we're going to need to know quite a bit more about you and your trip. How long do you have? Is the trip one way? How many people are going? What sorts of things are you interested in? What things do you already know you want to see/why did you pick the route you laid out?

    Roadtrips are not one sized fits all things, and without knowing that kind of information, there's just not much that anyone can help you with.

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    What would you consider the criteria for selecting the "best route" - speed, distance, areas traversed, natural sights, city life, etc?

    For example, some folks want to avoid the cities and stick to the roads that will help them achieve that goal. Your list shows several cities - but that doesn't necessarily mean that's all in which you are interested.

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