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  1. Default Moving from Southern Oregon to Eastern Georgia. Need best route advice.

    Hello all, next month I will be relocating from Southern Oregon to Eastern Georgia and was wondering what the best route to take would be. I will be buying a Jeep Wrangler (hoping for an Wrangler Unlimited vs. a 2 door) and pulling a 5x8 u-hual trailer all the way to Georgia. I have read many horror stories about trying to pull a u-haul trailer with a Jeep Wrangler but I plan on go slow and steady, I have no time constraints for this drive.
    So my question is considering that I am pulling a trailer what route would be the best to take. The midwestern route I-80 thru Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska etc..etc.. then cut down thru Kentucky,Tennessee and onto Georgia OR the Southern route I-5 to I-10 which is basically California, Arizona, NM, Texas, on on thru to Georgia? I mapquested both routes and it seems the Midwestern route is slightly faster by just a few hours but I am thinking of which would be easier pulling the trailer. Any advice? Also if anyone has any advice pulling this u-haul trailer cross country with a Jeep Wrangler that would be great too! Thanks so much!!

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    Welcome Back to the RTA forum!

    "Southern Oregon" and "Eastern Georgia" are both very large targets, and recommended routes could be wildly different depending upon where you are actually starting from and going to.

    My other question is have you considered waiting to buy a new vehicle? A Wrangler should be perfectly capable of pulling a relatively small trailer, however, it would be even easier to simply rent a moving truck and wait to purchase a car until you arrive in Georgia. On top of that, you wouldn't be putting the wear and tear on the Jeep, nor would you have to worry about the prep work recommended for getting read for a long distance pull.

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    Thanks for the quick response! Southern Oregon meaning Medford, and Eastern Georgia meaning Kingsland. I have thought about waiting to purchase a vehicle in Georgia however I would not have to pay sales tax on the vehicle in Oregon. I looked into renting a moving truck however it would be the difference of $1500 for the truck vs. $250 for the trailer. Since I am for sure purchasing a vehicle I just thought the best way would be to buy it in Oregon and pull a trailer to Georgia. I can get a better deal on the car in Oregon and I don't have to pay sales tax AND the trailer is much cheaper to rent than the actual moving truck.
    I read that it is difficult to pull a u-haul trailer with a Wrangler because of the short wheel base and that it sways very easily? But I don't intend on driving fast or crazy so I am assuming it will be ok with a smaller 5x8 trailer as long as I take my time and drive cautiously.

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    Before you commit yourself - you need to research Georgia motor vehicle tax laws - you may have to pay Georgia sales tax in order to register it there anyway.

    You also don't want to tow with a new vehicle till you get some miles on it. A 5x8 should be no problem as long as you don't exceed the manufacturer's tow and load ratings.

    My mapping software shows that I-5/I-10 all the way is the fastest route. To avoid most of the LA area, you can cut over to CA-99 on CA-46, take it to Bakersfield, then take CA-58 to US-395 to I-15 to I-215 to I-10. Your only hard pulls will be over the Siskiyous on I-5 and Tehachapi on CA-58 (but this is a lot easier pull than the Grapevine if you were to stay on I-5).

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