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    My wife and I are driving from Fort Collins, CO to Kansas City, MO this friday. Which is a better route: I-70 or I-80? We are looking to get there are quickly as possible, and looking for the fastest route. We've done the drive on I-70 before so I wondered if I-80 was a better or worse way to go.

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    Default Best??

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    Since you say that all you are interested in is getting to Kansas City as rapidly as possible, then the route which best serves your needs is I-25 to Denver and I-70 to Kansas City. The fact that you've driven it before doesn't change that fact. If, however, you are looking for something different, then US=34/I-76/I-80/NE-2/I-29 is, I suppose, possible - but it would make an already grueling day's drive absolutely brutal.


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    Default current conditions

    Flooding along the Missouri River in the Nebraska/Iowa/Missouri tri-state area would make I-80/I-29 a pretty unwise choice for this trip.

    I could see taking I-80 at some point for a change of pace, but I wouldn't do it this time.

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    Default Wet feet along I-29

    Yes, by all means avoid I-29 in NE, IA, and MO for the next few days to weeks, or at least use the various states' 511 service to assure all segments are open (not all are open now).

    I've been looking at a routing out of Estes Park, CO towards KC and STL and have pretty much settled on US 34 through Fort Morgan just into the far southwest corner of NE (Haigler), thence south on KS 27 to I-70 at Goodland, KS. My reasoning is: avoiding the entire DEN area, getting some "southeasting" on US 34 rather than section-line N-S and E-W on most any of the other network of roads running down to I-70, and what looks like pretty much wide-open 2 lane highways east of Fort Morgan to Goodland, KS.


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    Denver is no big deal if you take the 470 toll road around the northeast side past the airport. Being that this is a 650 mile drive, I'd stick to the tried and true route if you are planning on doing this in one day. You are going to be on the road for at least 12 hours with very minimal stops. Even if the roads were open, taking I-80 adds at least an hour to the trip.

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    Denver to Kansas City is definitely about a 11 hour drive, if not 12. We have no qualms with driving through Denver, but then again we are used to Southern California traffic!

    I'd stick with I-70 across. The road is good, and it's mostly rolling hills.


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    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for all the input and suggestions. I had been hoping there might be a route with a little bit better scenery (or maybe just different scenery) that was worth taking instead. We'll stick with I-70 and get going early!

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    You can certainly take different routes, but not with only one day to make the drive. If this is a trip that you will be taking again, the I-80 option could still just be done in one day - when the flooding goes away! Otherwise, you could certainly take the US/state highways and make it a multi-day trip.

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