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    After graduating University in the UK me and 2 friends are planning to spend around 2-3 months travelling around america. We wish to drive ourselves so we have as much flexibility as possible to see what we like. I assume that renting would be far too expensive so am researching purchasing a vehicle - maybe a camper van or some form of small RV. Not really sure where to start or how much to expect it to cost. Any ideas on how much something like this would cost (used of course)? If this is completely unaffordable we plan to buy just a reliable old car - for those that have experience roadtripping is it okay to assume we'll be able to find a motel/other place to stay each night along the way even if we don't wish to plan our trip in great detail?


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    You can certainly BUY a vehicle, but it's almost impossible for a foreign national to title, register, and insure it. Rentals are your only option unless you are here on a student or work visa and have a verifiable US address. Yes, a rental can get quite expensive, especially if you are under 25. If you are under 21, you can't even rent a vehicle or even be allowed to drive it if someone old enough rents it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashlee View Post
    I assume that renting would be far too expensive so am researching purchasing a vehicle - maybe a camper van or some form of small RV.
    As glc mentioned, and I have researched for many years, buying just is not an option. But you would not necessarily be any better off. There are a couple of misconceptions in your post.

    For just a two or three month trip it is usually cheaper in the long run, to rent. If you take into account that with a rental car, if something happens it will be replaced, usually within hours. With your own vehicle you could be stuck for..... well, who knows how long? And you would be responsible for the cost of repairs. And this goes especially since you see it as a money saving option, which means you will be purchasing an old / cheap vehicle. Or as my father used to say - someone else's troubles.

    Secondly the campervan style of vehicle you are thinking of is as rare as hen's teeth in the US. And the ones I have seen for sale, the ones I would buy are all in excess of $15.000. And then you would be faced with having to sell it at the end. In the end you will give it to anyone who will give you anything for it, because you are due to fly home.

    You may like to check out Adventures on Wheels, which does rent, (but not sell to non-residents), small campers.


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