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    I wanted to plan a round-trip starting & ending in LA. I am looking forward to going on this roadtrip over the 4th July weekend. So basically I would have 4 days for this trip. I was thinking of this route:

    LA -> Mojave Forest -> Lake Havasu City -> Laughlin -> LA

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a different route and/or additional things to try out on this trip. I have already been to Vegas and I would like to avoid that this time around.


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    Are you referring to the Mojave National Preserve?

    What you could do is go to Joshua Tree first, then on to Lake Havasu, then Laughlin, then the preserve, and home from there. That won't get you anywhere near Las Vegas.

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    The only tie-in with Las Vegas, that glc gave you, would be the traffic on I-15 between San Bernardino/Riverside and Barstow. Since that road leads to/from Las Vegas for us Southern Californians, it does get very busy on holiday weekends. (Been there, done that.)

    To give more detail on what glc said: I-10 from LA all the way out to Joshua Tree, then CA 62 to Twenty-Nine Palms and the north entrance to Joshua Tree. CA 62 will continue east to Earp, cross into Arizona at Parker. There you can pick up AZ 95 and head north to Lake Havasu City, and eventually into Laughlin. (Do drive carefully along that stretch of highway.) From Laughlin, catch AZ 95 back down to I-40. The Mojave Preserve is just north of there. I've never been in the preserve - only driven on the southern border of it along I-40.

    I-40 will take you to I-15 at Barstow, where you can head south for LA again.


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    I would enter Joshua Tree at the south entrance off I-10, and leave by the north entrance onto CA-62.

    To get to the preserve from Laughlin, head west on NV-163 to US-95, and take that north to Searchlight. Take NV-164 west into CA to I-15, go south to the Cima exit and enter that way. Exit to I-40 and head home.

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