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    Default Travelling from Australia to do Road Trip through USA

    Hi my name is Lee and this is my first posting so apologise now if I waffle on. We are intending to go to the USA in May 2012 it will be our 2nd trip there. Last time we did a lot of the touristy things so now want to see the "real" usa for want of a better word. Here is our wish list and I am hoping I might get some ideas from some of you. I normally dont have a problem planning but this time I just dont know where to start. We are looking at aprox 6 weeks.
    This is not in order of preference:
    Yellowstone National Park
    Mount Rushmore
    Civil War Trail (Gettysburg)
    Washington DC
    New York???
    Rochester (New York State) visit relatives
    Las Vegas (grand canyon, death valley ect)
    Yosemite National Park
    We had originally planned to do route 66 but not too sure as apparently a lot of the original has gone and dont think we can if we want to do Yellowstone and Rushmore
    I hope someone can at least give me a starting point on this
    thanking you
    PS We will be flying in and out of LA

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    Default From one Aussie to another

    Hi Lee, and Welcome to the Forum.

    That is quite a wish list you have there, but all possible in six weeks. My best advice to you is to get a large wall map of the USA, and mark all these spots on it, and see what route develops. Just put in the main stops, the experts here will help in filling in the blanks. My favourite map is the National Geographics Map, as it has all main routes, urban centres and all natural attractions on it.

    You could do this trip either as a one way, starting on the east coast, or develop a loop - possibly starting in Las Vegas - incorporating your specified destinations. I would then also include Monument Valley, Canyonlands and Rocky Mountain NP areas.

    May I suggest you leave Yosemite / Death Valley till the latter part of your trip, as you will have more chance of Tioga Pass being open. It really is not to be missed, if you can manage it.

    You can still see and travel a small part of route 66 on your way to the Grand Canyon, from Kingman to Seligman.

    And why the question marks after New York?

    Lifey in Melbourne

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    Default The loop.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If you are planning on driving the whole route while in the US, a loop trip would work well starting from LA or Vegas. [You could decide on where the cheapest flights and car rental combined would be]. Doing a loop will also cut out one way drop off fees and could keep the cost of flights down. As Lifey mentioned, get a good map and start plotting with the help of all the resources at RTA [check out the tool bars above as well as searching the forums] and then we can help fill in the blanks. If you decide on the loop trip you should head to the East coast on a more southerly route and back on a more Northerly, covering different ground the whole way. Plan on arriving in Yellowstone towards the end of your trip as spring/summer come late to these parts and, as Lifey mentioned, the high ground in Yosemite.

    Enjoy the planning and get back to us when you have worked out the basics.

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    Hi to all
    And thank you so far for your advice it has at least given me a starting point. ok here is what i have worked out so far. Using LV as the starting point we would travel to Amarillo (at least we do a bit of route 66). Do we go onto to Oklahoma City or should we head down into Texas? Would like to go to New Orleans if possible as last time we went to the USA Katrina had just hit. We dont need to go to Orlando as we have already been there.
    Will spend a few days in Washington DC. Still not sure about NYC we have seen empire building, Liberty statue, baseball game ect. But need to head to Rochester to see relatives. If any one has any suggestions it would be a great help. Will do this in stages
    Am getting excited about revisiting now that I have a starting point

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    Default Whose trip is this?

    Quote Originally Posted by leeber View Post
    If any one has any suggestions it would be a great help. Will do this in stages.
    There are many members here who could (and probably will) give you suggestions. But hey! whose trip is this. All my suggestions would have you travelling my roadtrip.

    The RTA philosophy is based on each roadtrip being unique, and uniquely designed. You have the time to research and plan. Start by reading the forums (use the search for relevant threads), and using all the other RTA tools to see what is where, and what interests you. When your interests are all laid out on a large paper map, your route will materialize. Once you have this, the experts here can help you refine it, and fill in the blanks.

    But only you can design your trip.


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