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    Hi all,

    I will be moving from Phoenix to Detroit this summer and was hoping to make a little road-trip out of it. My only concern is that I will be driving my less-than-powerful station wagon packed to its fullest and was not sure how it would fare on the mountainous roads. I've taken the 87 between Payson to Phoenix before which seemed a little steep for my wagon. I was thinking of going from to Flagstaff, Grand Junction and Denver via 160-191-70 instead this time for a more scenic route I was just wondering how the roads fare (mostly Im just worried about it being too steep).

    Also, any other suggestions of places to stop by in Nebraska or Iowa?

    Thanks in advance! :)

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    As I remember, 89/160/163/191 doesn't have any hard pulls like 87 up into Payson. I would highly recommend 163 through Monument Valley rather than staying on 160 to 191. However, your car may be wheezing on I-70 getting over Vail Pass and up to the tunnels - it's around 11000 feet.

    There's nothing that stands out to me as a "must see" on I-80 in NE or IA.

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    Default NE and IA

    Definitely, if you can, take 163 through Monument Valley, and be prepared for the myriad of photo opportunities along this route. It is stunning!

    Quote Originally Posted by glc View Post
    There's nothing that stands out to me as a "must see" on I-80 in NE or IA.
    Couple of places you may like to stop and have a break. There is Cabella's head office in Sidney. Even if you do not want to buy anything there, it can be a very interesting diversion, and an opportunity to have a cuppa.

    Further along, at Kearney, there is the covered bridge over I-80. Most intriguing, but it closes at 4pm. Probably not worth paying for unless you are there a good bit earlier, and also a good opportunity for a break and refreshments. Watch for the turn-off, it's easy to miss.

    For a change of pace, you might like to get off the interstate in Council Bluffs, and take a route such as 92, to I-35. At Greenfield there is the Iowa Aviation Hall of Fame, and near Winterset in Madison county there are the historic covered bridges. There are many more attractions along the rural roads of Iowa. Or you can take I-35 back up to I-80 and continue on your way.


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    One place that I've always wanted to see - and hope to do so next year - are the Amana Colonies. They are just north of I-80 in central Iowa. You can Google "Amana Colonies" to see if that would interest you, as I believe the rules of this forum won't allow me to post a link that takes one out of the website. Friends of ours have been and raved over the Colonies.


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    Default Oh, but you can.

    You can Google "Amana Colonies" to see if that would interest you, as I believe the rules of this forum won't allow me to post a link that takes one out of the website.
    Hi Donna.

    You can indeed use outside links that is of use, and in answer to the OP's question. The forum policy of new users not being able to post outside links is there for when a person clearly signs up and makes a post or two and leaves a link that tries to promote their own Website, or one that they are associated with. It also helps to prevent Spammers using the forums as an advertising platform. You have certainly been spending some time here and sharing your experience with other members that has been very helpful, which in turn means you can post outside links in these circumstances.

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