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  1. Default LA, to San Diego, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas to San Francisco.

    Hello there! IŽd like to do different. Start at LA, to San Diego, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas to San Francisco. Tips on side trips, routes? IŽll have 9 days total...Considering highway 1, Big Sur... Thanks!
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    When do you plan to do this trip, and are you finishing in LA or San Francisco?

    The biggest thing will be time - you've already listed a lot of things and when you include drive times, you already would be limited to about a day at each destination.

    In any case, this basic loop is the most popular trip discussion on the forum, and these are an excellent place to start looking.

  3. Default California, Arizona and Nevada road trip

    Hello! Please please IŽll really need some tips on my trip... IŽll arrive at LA on November 18th (morning) and rent a car to go to San Francisco from where I must departure on November 26th (morning). So, basically IŽll have 9 days. Some places IŽd like to visit: LA, San Diego, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara and San Francisco. Tips on roads, lenght of stay, what to do?



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    Default Somewhere to start.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    This area is the most discussed topic on the forum and by searching around you will find Lot's of info and ideas to help you create a trip. Here are some of our favourites to get you started.

    The order in which you have laid your route out is good. You haven't got a whole lot of spare time though and with you current plan won't be in any one place too long. With just 3 days in and around LA and SD you have a long days drive to the GC or you could stop on route, but you would need to be there on Day 4 really. Day 5 having a look around GC and continuing to Vegas. After a night in Vegas you have a good days drive to reach the coast where you will need a further 2 days minimum to drive along the coastal highway around Big Sur and to SF. That doesn't leave much time in SF [or San Diego] and wonder if you would be better to enjoy a couple of day's in SF and LA and put SD on the 'to do list'. It will depend on how much time you really want to stay in each place and what appeals to you the most and at what pace/distance you are happy enough to travel at each day.

    Please keep all questions here with regards to this thread. You have asked the same question previously and got a reply that you did not respond too !
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    Hi! Thanks for the info. IŽll start in LA... I guess I could leave SD out for my to do list and have more time in SF...

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