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  1. Default from NY to St. Louis Missouri

    Hi, I'm planning on going for a student exchange program, my semester starts at Aug 30, in St. Louis, and I was thinking of taking about 2 weeks before that to travel a bit on the way, and see places.

    I wanted to know if it makes sense to travel this way, and maybe get an idea for what I should do on the way.

    or maybe I should just travel around NY, and catch a plane to Missouri in the end.
    would love you advice, as I need to order my plane tickets soon before prices sky-rocket (from israel)

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    In the US, if we are flexible about our flying dates, we can often get a better deal than if we MUST travel on certain dates. So you might start with your flight first, and then see if how much time you have in the US before you need to be in St Louis.

    Then, there are lots of things to see and do between NYC and STL. If you let us know what types of things you're interested in (nature, history, manufacturing, etc), we can point out places that you might like. For instance, my husband is very interested in planes and history - so when we are traveling back home from NY, we're stopping in Gettysburg (major Civil War site) and Dayton OH (home of the Wright Bros and also the National Museum of the Air Force).


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    OK, so lets say I fly out on august 7th, arrive on august 8th.
    I'm a 25 year old computer science student.
    like technology and love nature and interesting people.
    would also enjoy local night life.

    I have 2-3 weeks.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum1

    You can drive from NY to St. Louis quite easily in 2 days, so with 2-3 weeks your options are nearly limitless.

    If you really wanted to, you could even drive all the way to the West Coast before heading back to St. Louis. However, That would basically involve driving all day nearly every day, so I'm guessing you'd want to focus your time on the eastern half of the US.

    With a target that large, it really isn't possible for us to start narrowing things down for you. It really is a case where you have to get a few ideas on your own for the major things you'd like to see. Once you've got some basic ideas, then we can help you put it all together

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    Default The Other Thing to Consider

    I would imagine, since you are coming here as a student, that cost will also be a factor. In that case you might be better off touring New England and the mid-Atlantic area rather than driving to St. Louis. Not only won't you have to put on as many straight line miles (ga$) but you won't have to pay the one way drop-off fee on the rental car which can often be more than the cost of a plane ticket.

    If, however, cost is not an issue or you are able to negotiate a rental contract without a drop-off fee, then you are certainly better off driving to St. Louis in a very leisurely manner and checking out America on the way. I would note that oftentimes European consolidators seem to be able to get better deals on rentals than you can on your own, so see what some of them might be able to do for you.Once you have that basic aspect of your trip figured out, we can offer some suggestions on sites to visit that would suit your particular tastes and interests.


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    Thanks for the tips.

    I need some help with finding trip anchors
    say I desire to go tour New England and the mid-Atlantic area,

    what are the top nature resorts? what are the things that I might like to see?
    I need some help eliminating choices from all the options, so I'm trusting that you might have a better idea then me about what is worth seeing in the area.

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    Default Natural New England Destinations

    The three most popular nature destinations in New England are Cape Cod, Arcadia National Park, and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. You can read more about New England destinations in the discussions linked to here.


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