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  1. Default sf to las vegas via kings canyon

    I have only 10 days in Ca with my daughter (13).

    to see ca is going to take some driving.

    we plan to raft in Kings Valley. How long should the drive take from SF.

    How long to goto sequoia and then back upto Yosemite and via Death Valley.

    I think I may change my plans. We will see Alcatraz, and SF. Next day is to drive to Kings. Is it better to detour and drive into Yosemite, lunch and then down to Kings Canyon. Then Sequoia and death valley on the way to las vegas the next day (southern route)

    I realise we are pushing it, but it ould be good to see as much as we can, but also take some time to experience it.

    advice appreciated especially travel times.

    atb Jeremy

  2. Default

    From San Francisco to Yosemite Valley is going to take at least 4 - 4/12 hours and this will depend on the day of the week and what time of the day you will be traveling. The San Francisco Bay area traffic can be a bear sometimes!

    It will be about 3 hours from Yosemite Valley to the Kings Canyon entrance station.

    From SF to Kings Canyon entrance station it's going to be about 4 - 4 1/2 hours again depending on traffic.

    What time of the year are you coming? Tioga Pass (Hwy 120) is still currently closed so you can't travel from Yosemite thought the Park to Death Valley. Hopefully the pass will be opening in the next couple of weeks.

    A lunch in Yosemite is hardly enough time to see this park.

    Is Las Vegas the last stop on this trip or will you be you driving back to San Francisco?


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    Default How long travelling ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    As above, are you ending your journey in Vegas and if so, how long are you planning on taking to travel from SF to LV ? Providing Tioga pass [CA120] is open [and you decide to go that route] I would consider going from SF to Visalia and through Three rivers into Sequoia NP and back up to Kings canyon and Yosemite, getting as far South as you need to on the first day. If you are only allowing 2 day's for the trip I would simply head to Yosemite and over Tioga to Death valley otherwise you will be rushing and seeing very little. Even then you won't have a great amount of time to explore the wonders of Yosemite and DV. I would allow 4 days at least to visit all the parks.

  4. Default trip


    well in CA for 10 days arrive tuesday. So arrive 4pm in SF and rest. Then goto alcatraz early in the morning. Had thought to stay in SF in the afternoon and night, but maybe better to get out of SF then. Its a city and great, but the wonders of nature beckon. Maybe leave 3pm and start the drive to Kings.

    Camp night 2 in kiongs and raft for a monring of day 3. Go see the trees in the afternoon. Camp night 3.

    but if the pass is closed maybe that day should be spent in yosemite and we then drive down to kings.

    day 4 yosemite/death valley to LV

    day 5 bus tour to GC

    day 6 drive to la, stopping at an outlet (daughter is 13)

    day 7 studios drive south to a beach

    day 8 surfing drive to san diago

    day 9 san diago

    day 10 fly to new york

    it mightb be better o skip San diago sight seeing

    thanks for the hekp so far

    atb Jeremy

  5. Default time

    forgot to say we are arriving next week

    all the best

  6. Default

    Maybe leave 3pm and start the drive to Kings.
    If you leave SF at 3 pm on a weeknight you can count on commute traffic all the way to Tracy and maybe even farther! I'd add another hour of travel time.

    It doesn't sound like you have camping reservations and you aren't going to be able to find a campsite late at night in either Kings Canyon or Yosemite National Park unless you can get in on a cancellation. Be careful about purchasing campsites from anywhere other than for Yosemite. There are BRAND new changes to Camping Reservation System that have just gone into effect.

    It's going to be VERY IFFY about Tioga Pass opening by the time you get here. Keep an eye at Tioga Pass road conditions to see when the pass is open.

    day 5 bus tour to GC
    Is the bus tour to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon or just to the West Rim. The West Rim is on Indian Reservation and not in the Grand Canyon National Park. A day trip from Las Vegas to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon will take ALL DAY! It's just over 550 miles round trip.

    IMHO, you are doing to much in such a short time. You are going to spend a good deal of your time driving and not have time to experience some wonderful places.


  7. Default lots and lots of driving


    thanks for the info.

    I agree, its a lot to pack in, and I think I'll skip Death Valley. Does that make much difference ?

    So day 2 would be alcatraz, golden gate street cars, and then leave SF around 7 in the eveing, due to rush hour. Drive for a couple of hours towards yosemite.

    Day 3 into yosemite after a 2-3 hour drive and then spend the day there. Leave about 4 and drive to kings where we have camping reservations. Going back to yosemite was only so we could go oevr the pass, but if its not open we will have to take a southern route I guess.

    Day 4 half day rafting and then would be the big trees in the afternoon and a drive to LV, hopefully being able to see the strip etc.

    Day 5 would be GC, all day trip, and stay a second night in LV.

    day 6 LV and shopping at the state border mall with the rollercoaster. then down into la-

    This means chaning my rafting booking, maybe we can change that to yosemite, but then camping is the issue. Any recomendation where to get a cheap hotel not too far away ? I have a day in hand to play with so it might be we take it easy stay half way from sequoia to LV, and then finish the drive into LV and enjoy the pool at the hotel, plus the strip. The do GC ten next day on a bus with a good book and pink floyd on the MP3.

    I realise this is packing stuff in, and maybe we would be better off taking a plane to GC. Its the southern rim we are going to but boy that is expensive especially for 2 of us. Main issue is to get to US is tricky from sweden (cost etc), and there is so much really good stuff to see. The plan B is to get a job for six months with my company, but that might be tricky:-)

    thanks again (dont things look small on a map:-))

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    Default beyond way too much

    I'm sorry, but I just don't think you are respecting just how big the driving distance you are talking about are.

    For example, you're looking at about 4 hours to drive from Yosemite to Kings Canyon.

    Kings Canyon to Vegas is very much a full day drive all by itself (via Bakersfield) You're looking at a good 8 hours of driving, and you'll need a couple more to do the loop through Sequoia to see the big trees. Trying to do all that after a half day rafting trip is just not going to work. You certainly wouldn't have time to explore any of Vegas on top of that.

    Vegas to the South Rim is a 5-6 hour drive each way, again, its just too much to do as a daytrip. You're looking at 12 hours of driving to see a huge place for at most a couple of hours. A bus trip saves you the driving yourself, but you'd have an even more rigid schedule to stick to.

    I will say that you'd save yourself some driving by not doubling back to Vegas. Instead, drive from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, spend the night at/near the Canyon, and drive directly to LA. That will save you a couple hours of driving, since you don't have to go back north to Vegas.

    But even with that change, you really are trying to cram so much into your limited time that you are very much in danger of doing a "go everywhere, see nothing" type trip. It's also very likely that you're going to end up with a bored and exhausted young teen. Is there a reason you are spending such a large portion of your trip in LA? In fact, do you have to visit LA at all? Considering your desire to see nature, and how little time you are giving for SF and Vegas, it seems very odd that you'd spend 3.5 days of your 10 day trip in LA, when you don't really spend a a single full day at any other destination.

  9. Default

    wow thanks .starting to panic but better now than later, this site is great.

    ls is just the studios tour, and we fly out from san diago

    how about skipping the trees, and doing the muir woods instead (still very impressive). we raft in yosemite. But how would we then get to LV ? do we still need to go through bakersfield.

    thanks a lot for the help. The distances dont look so big but the average speed is hard to judge.

    all the best Jeremy

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    Default Phew! Make my head spin....

    Quote Originally Posted by swedenclunk View Post
    This means changing my rafting booking, maybe we can change that to yosemite
    There's rafting available on the Merced River which is downstream from the national park, but there's no commercial rafting available (that I can think of) inside the park. One thing about rafting now-- it's going to be an epic adventure -- we're looking at the possibility of record flows from the heavy snowmelt. Record flows will actually make the river much less tricky, albeit a faster current.
    Any recomendation where to get a cheap hotel not too far away?
    I would look at the Yosemite Bug... There is a sequoia grove at Mariposa (part of Yosemite)

    What I'd recommend is driving direct from Yosemite to Las Vegas via Death Valley. It's a long day trip, but if you leave Yosemite Park by 9:00 am you can drive through Death Valley and reach Las Vegas by 7:00 pm or so. When you go through Tehachapi, be sure to stop at Kohen's German Bakery for some great pretzels!


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