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  1. Default Planning trip from Atlanta to Toronto

    We are plannig a road trip with 2 kids from Atlanta,GA to Toronto, Canada (via detroit)

    Please advise the best places to stop and precautions when traveling with 2 kids (11 month & 2.3 years).

    Also help us in visiting the best places in Toronto in 4 days.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Very Small Children

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The main things to consider when planning stops for children as small as yours is that they won't remember any of it, they'll be happy just to be out of the car and in some fresh air, and most importantly, the adults need a break both from the driving and riding heard on the kids. So you certainly don't want anything like an amusement park or big attraction. Simple quiet spots near the highway will work far better. Just take such a break every few hours. Then it's never that far 'til you're "there yet".

    But with four days for the drive, perhaps you do want to take a major break that the adults will enjoy but that won't bore the kids (or get them too wound up). Then you might consider sites like Mammoth Cave National Park or the Bass Islands in Lake Erie, both of which are a little bit but not too far off your route.


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    Quote Originally Posted by msam View Post

    Please advise the best places to stop and precautions when traveling with 2 kids (11 month & 2.3 years).
    When my kids were that age, we had to drive from San Diego to Seattle - about that far. My 2 year old would get excited about the simplest things - for years afterward, we'd say "Windmills go round and round!" every time we saw a windmill, since those fascinated her everytime we'd pass one. Take a little notebook with you and write down stuff like that - years later you'll appreciate the memories.

    Another thing they loved, especially the older one: a motel with a playground! Sometimes we'd try to find the local city park after finding a motel for the night, if the motel didn't have a playground. They were too young at this point to really enjoy the pool that hubby and I appreciated, but they'd splash around a little.

    Bring their favorite blankets, sippy cups, stuffed toys, or other things that they rely on. Familiar is good. If your younger one has a portable crib that s/he is familiar with, it might be better for sleeping in the motel than a borrowed crib (that may or may not be available).

    For the car, you will have to have a "bag of tricks". This would be something that they can each play with, in their car seat, while you drive. Keep changing them out.

    You may also want to bring some favorite foods. Kids are notoriously bad about restaurant eating. Most of the big chains - Denny's, IHOP, etc - have children's menus, but some family places don't.

    Oh, and don't forget your crossing-the-border paperwork!


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    Default Rule of Thumb

    One rule of thumb we used, when on multiple-day trips with pre-schoolers, is to never travel before 8am or after 4pm. The latter is particularly important, as it gives the toddler an opportunity to wind down and get rid of all that pent up energy before dinner time and to become familiar with the new surroundings. Makes bed time ever so much easier.

    A good run around at lunch time is just as important. And make the most of when they are asleep. LOL

    Lifey been there, done that

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    Especially with 2 kids, a great place for you to visit in Toronto is center island. It's the perfect place for the whole family.
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