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  1. Default Chicago to Pinedale, Wy with two kids and a big dog!

    I will be the sole driver on this trip with the dog and two kids, ages 10 and 2. We want to maximize the time at our destination in Pinedale, but want a fun, safe trip. I am considering spending two nights on the road, in order to give myself some rest and to keep the customers happy. I would appreciate any roadside tips, especially with pacing the drive, dog/kid friendly hotels or roadside attractions. Thank you!

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    Default Nice Pace

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    Chicago to Pinedale should be easily doable in three days, even with your crew. The nice thing about traveling with young children (and a dog) is that they don't need major attractions to make them happy. Local parks near the highway work just as well as big national parks.

    As far as where to stay, even though motel chains may have a national 'policy', it is almost always the local franchisee who sets the actual rules. So you should start looking now for accommodations that will accept pets. The kids should not be a problem, but you might want to check that the motel has a pool or game room. For an evenly spaced, three day trip following I-80, your overnight stops would be around Omaha, NE and Cheyenne, WY.


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    Chicago to Pinedale is a 2.5 day drive via fastest route, so you do have enough time to "take your time" but not get too far off the Interstates. You should probably be looking at overnights in the Omaha and Cheyenne areas, where you shouldn't have a hard time finding pet and kid friendly motels/hotels. Motel 6 is a pet-friendly chain, if you want something better that's not so barebones, so is La Quinta.

    I'd stop every 2 hours for 15 minutes or so to stretch, walk the dog, go to the bathroom, and let the kids run around a bit.

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    Thanks so much for your responses! The pacing for the overnight stays is especially helpful. We will save the sights along the northern route for another year, and will stick close to I80. Thanks again for your replies! Can't wait to hit the road!

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    Usually a pool would make our kids happy, when around 10 years old. If your pet is kennel trained, that might make him happy while you're out to dinner, etc.

    We used to take a chain and hook our dog to our Blazer or our pick-up, when we stopped at restaurants. This is especially important when the weather is warm. Or put the dog in the kennel next to the vehicle.

    We traveled from San Diego to Fairbanks, Alaska and back with two preteens and a big dog. However, we were towing a trailer, and campgrounds are usually more pet-friendly than motels are.


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    Thanks Donna! The pool was on my radar, but I hadn't thought about the dog during meal stops. The hot car will definitely be an issue! He is two years old and we got rid of the kennel about a year ago. I will need to think about this one....


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