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    We're planning on doing a road trip starting in Chicago and gradually making our way down south cruisin' along the mississippi to end up in New Orleans. Perhaps along the way taking a pedal boat on the mississippi and go swamp racing with one of those special swamp boats. Anyway, we are planning to make several stops along the way like St. Louis, Nashville, memphis. . . and if there are more interesting places we'll stop there as well, somewhat depending upon the information from this forum perhaps.
    The reason we are going on this trip is because we are music (and preferably blues / rock 'n roll but not really Elvis) lovers and we want our holiday to be music themed. This does not mean that the only thing we want to do is visit clubs and listen to live bands though, we want to have other kinds of fun as well in the places we visit. So if any of you have any info on what routes to take or what things we should absolutely do along the way, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Just so you know, we aren't really interested in museums and such. We just want to hang around, see some sights, eat some good foods, drink some good drinks and just have a great time.
    That also leads me to another question. Where I live (Belgium) it is allowed to drink upto 2 beers when driving but I hear the police in the USA are quite harsh on DUI so can I drink a beer and still drive or is it zero tolerance.

    Thanks in advance and sorry if I made any mistakes as my first language is not English.

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    Default a drink or two

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Actually, I'm pretty sure that drunk driving laws are actually more strict in Belgium than in the US. In the US, the legal limit is a BAC of .08 (I'm pretty sure its .05 in Belgium). For the average sized adult male, that means you can typically have two or three drinks before you are over the limit. Now, you certainly don't want to mess around with drunk driving, especially in a foreign country, and if there is any doubt, don't get behind the wheel, but if you are just having 1 or 2 drinks during a night out, you should be fine.

    As far as your route, much of it would be following the Great River Road, but the Nachez Trace could be a part of it too. Certainly, check out the RTA Map Center which has quite a few points of interests along the way that could be of interest to you.

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    St Louis: A trip up the Arch will show you Missouri and Illinois from high up in the air. Also in St Louis is Grant's Farm, the Budweiser factory (and I believe they do tours of the brewery), the Zoo (it's FREE), and Scott Joplin's home (small fee).

    Hannibal: Along Rt 61 on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River resides the boyhood home of Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens, and the homes of Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher. There is also The Cave from Twain's book.

    Missouri has loads of caves if you like to explore below ground!


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