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  1. Default Fort Lauderdale to Albany for 2 weeks with 3 kids

    Hi All
    Joined the site last night. My husband and myself are thinking of taking a two week road trip from Fort Lauderdale to Albany, NY. Our girls are 10, 8 & 2! Could anyone suggest places of interest along the way and if we'll need longer than two weeks to make this road trip?
    Thanks for any advice from fellow travelers

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    2 weeks is certainly enough time to make the trip, as you could comfortably do the trip in 3 days of driving, each way.

    As far as what to see, that's going to depend upon your interest. First of all, I'm guessing you've got a reason for going to Albany? How much time do you want to spend in that area? What other things do you and your kids find interesting?

    There's no shortage of options, scenic options like the Smokey Mountains, plenty of historic sites, and of course, you've got all the cities of the East Coast like DC, Philly, and NYC.

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    Thanks for your suggestions. We have friends who live in Albany so thought of making that our final destination along the way. My girls enjoy the beach so am thinking of keeping the trip mostly along the coastal roads? Of course they would love to see DC so intend going there for a night. Some other places, Charleston, Chesapeake Bay, Myrtle Beach & the outer banks.

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    If it were me, I'd plan to stay more than just one night in the DC area. With the entire Mall, the White House, the Capitol Building, Arlington Cemetery and the Smithsonian all there, you could easily spend a week in the DC area. When we went as a family, years ago, we stayed outside of DC and traveled in to wherever we wanted - it was less expensive and less hassle that way, and that was YEARS ago! Can't imagine it getting any better now!


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